Tajh Boyd   QB   Clemson


Tajh has excellent arm strength, can make all the throws at the next level. He shows on film good accuracy on his deep throws. He is a pure pocket passer who works well from a spread offense. Tajh has solid leadership skills and has the body type of a running back which makes it easy for him to run between the tackles and gain the needed yardage on third downs as well as bounce back up after a big hit. Tajh likes the physical part of football and, as a pure pocket passer, has no problems taking a hit in the pocket and making the difficult pass. He likes a challenge and even when he struggles, he stays focused and continues to make plays. Tajh has the athletic talent to play more than one position for the team that drafts him which means he will be able to play in any style of offense…eventually. Tajh reminds me a lot of the Jets’ Geno Smith when he came out in the draft and, like Geno, has excellent “developmental” talent to become a starting quarterback for the team that drafts him.

Tajh has the talent, but there are a lot of concerns that make him a developmental player who should not be on the field for the first few years unless they are learning situations. He struggles to read defenses and go to his check downs quick enough. He has to learn to slide in the pocket and not hold on to the ball where he takes sacks that take his team out of scoring possibilities. He has to learn to turn the page after an interception. He has to learn that he is NOT the best player on the field and how to make the players around him better. I hope he will continue the work ethic he discovered after his sophomore year. Tajh has to learn how to throw to his check downs accurately as he struggles with this more than any other throw. I could go on, but my head is starting to hurt.

Tajh can win a few games for you if you have to throw him on the field because of his athletic talent and strong arm, but drafting Tajh is drafting a project. He needs good quarterback coaching. I like him and I think he can eventuality start; however, if you throw him on the field like the Jets have done with Geno Smith I think you will get the same results that the Jets have had with Geno. That means he will struggle big time, coaches might lose their jobs and Tajh might never reach his potential. If Tajh is selected and has to play right away like Geno has had to this year, I believe his character is strong enough to deal with the pressure but like Geno you run the risk of him falling into bad habits that will be difficult to break and those bad habits could be his eventual downfall. That’s what happens to young players who need grooming and coaching and are forced onto the field too early. They have a little success and sometimes because of the lack football intelligence they think the “little” success makes them a star when, in reality, they have just reached their 15 minutes of fame in the NFL. Tajh has the ability to be an excellent backup quarterback with the potential to become a starting quarterback for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart