Teddy Bridgewater   QB   Louisville


Teddy Bridgewater possesses remarkable mental strength which, in my opinion, is the real talent that he brings to his play on the field. He has excellent arm strength along with solid athletic skills to move around in the pocket and extend plays. He is smart and understands defenses better than most quarterbacks coming out in the draft. Teddy shows good accuracy when he sets his feet and his mechanics are true. He is a pure pocket passer who has the athleticism to play under center as well as play as in the shotgun formation. He plays mostly in a pro spread offense for his college team with formations that include playing under center and shows the arm strength to make all the necessary franchise quarterback throws. Teddy has the same demeanor on the field that Eli Manning has and his style of play and leadership are very similar to Eliís. Teddy has the ability to make a play in a game at the most opportunistic time and with surprising athleticism that you did not expect him to possess. His style of play sneaks up on you during a game and at just the right time, he hits you with a play that knocks you out. Thatís why I call him Teddy (The Assassin) Bridgewater because he strikes when you least expect him to.

Teddy struggles performing in cold weather. He struggles mentally to deal with the elements and it bothers his accuracy throwing the ball. However, as I said before, he may start out slow in games with bad weather but he will finish strong because of his mental strength and competitive spirit. He may be cold in the first two quarters, but he heats up in the last two nicely. You just have to stick with him. Cold weather teams might wonder if he is a good fit, but I think he has the ability in the future to adjust and minimize this issue in his play in the future.

Just when you think you got everything covered, like an assassin, Teddy strikes with a remarkable play that just breaks the backs of the defenders that have kept him in check the whole game long. I have seen this happen many times this year. In warmer weather Teddy will start out fast and hit you with everything heís got and then when you catch up to him, he pulls out one more great throw or calls a running play that once again brings defensive coaches to their knees in emotional agony. Teddy makes the players around him better. They trust him and know that no matter how bad things seem to be on the field, if they just stick with Teddy, he will figure something out and most of the time he does. Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Eli Manning -- same arm strength, same mental strength, same calm leadership qualities and the same ability to make a remarkable play when you least expect it. Thatís why I call him Teddy (The Assassin) Bridgewater. He strikes when the defensive coordinator least expects it. I consider him one of the top ten players in this draft and would consider selecting him if I had the first pick in the draft and needed a quarterback. After all, the kid is an assassin and you donít want an assassin to be on the other side of the field, you better off having him on your sideÖright?

Drew Boylhart