Terrence Brooks   S   Florida St


Terrence has good overall talent to play his position. He has solid cover skills to be used to cover receivers in the slot. He also has the speed and football intelligence to be used in a single safety formation. He is a willing tackler and has the size and bulk to be used up near the line of scrimmage to help stop the run. Terrence has some leadership skills and works well with his teammates and other defensive backs. He is smart and does not get fooled by play action. He understands when playing free safety that defending against the pass is his first priority. He has long arms for his size that will help him in defending against those bigger slot receivers. Terrence is a solid safety right now who will need to become more of a playmaking safety if he wants to become a starter at the next level.

Terrence needs to improve his hands to make the interception or he will just be a guy back there at the safety position. He also needs to become more consistent when tackling in the open field and take better angles. In his defense, he is a willing tackler. Terrence lacks the quick twitch to help out very much as a corner except in zone coverage, so he is limited to playing the safety position. In a pinch with good pass rushers, he might be able to help out on the corners in the red zone in a bump and run defense because of his strength. In tight situations he can redirect a receiver easily.

Terrence has good overall skills, but he has to be able to make plays on the ball better than he does right now. The instincts and anticipation to be a ball hawk is what separates the players who play the safety position at an impact level from the players who can just play the safety position. He has good strength and, like I said, is a willing tackler; however, he has to become a more secure tackler and take better angles when he comes up quickly to help out against the run. He is smart and still developing. With his willingness to make the tackle in the open field, maybe in time he can develop those ball hawking skills that will separate him from the rest of the safeties at the next level. I would think in the later rounds that Terrence would be a smart selection for the team that drafts him because he can play special teams on the coverage units as he learns how to impact at the safety position.

Drew Boylhart