Timmy Jernigan   DT   Florida St


Timmy has the size and strength most teams look for in a versatile defensive tackle. He has good balance and excellent north-south quickness and foot speed. He can play in a 2-gap system because of the effort he gives on every play but his impact will be as a 1-gap disrupter, getting into the backfield and flushing a quarterback out of the pocket or tackling a running back before he reaches the line of scrimmage. Timmy shows the explosion off the line and quickness that will make him difficult for offensive linemen to block him one-on-one. He shows decent lateral agility to play in a 2-gap system and also as a nose tackle on passing downs. Timmy looks on film to be a good teammate who works well with his linemen, which is important for a defensive tackle. He will do the grunt work and take up blockers so others can make the impact play.

Timmy struggles to get off blocks and make tackles, but he knows that and he is smart so what he tries to do in a case like that is take on more than one blocker pushing them into each other like an offensive lineman blocking for a running back. This allows linebackers and others who get free to make the tackle. He is strong and although he doesnít handle the double team very well because he gets up too high trying to use his strength and loses leverage. So instead he will pull linemen to the ground causing pile ups and making it much harder to run the ball. Heís a smart player and understands how to get the most out of his athletic talents.

Timmy should impact as a DT in a 4-3 defense that uses a 1-gap attack system. On passing downs, he can be moved into the nose tackle position in a 3-4 defense and take on a center and guard and make them try to stop him from getting into the backfield and flushing or sacking a quarterback. In fact, Timmy doesnít make his tackles on the line of scrimmage; he makes his tackles before the line of scrimmage and in the opponentís backfield. He will struggle to hold his gaps on running plays, but itís not from a lack of effort in any way. He will penetrate and affect the gap just not be able to hold the gap, shed the block or blockers and make a tackle in the hole continually through 4 quarters. Itís real simple: Timmy has excellent talent to impact at the next level if used in the right system. You can use him in multiple positions and in multiple fronts and if you donít expect him to shut down the running game in the fourth quarter when his team is behind, you will be drafting yourself an excellent defensive tackle. Timmy never stops playing and he plays to his athletic talents and understands that shedding blocks and making tackles is not the strong point of his game, but impacting and disrupting is and Timmy does that as well as anyone I have seen coming out in any draft.

Drew Boylhart