Will Sutton   DT   Arizona St


Will is a tireless worker on the field. He shows on film good quickness and plays until he hears the whistle. He has the ability to play in a 1-gap defensive line scheme and impact. He is a disrupter, getting into the backfield and disrupting the rhythm of an offense allowing others to make plays. Will is solid against the run in one-on-one situations. He shows on film the needed upper and lower body strength for the college level and because of his work ethic (on the field), he could become a solid rotation defensive player for the team that selects him, if he plays in the right defensive scheme.

Will is not in very good football shape. He lacks the strength, physical stamina and mental stamina to play a full schedule at the next level. His lack of strength puts him on the ground way too much and because he is playing at his full abilities at the college level when he goes up against bigger and stronger players at the next level his lack of strength will be magnified. He is vertically challenged for his position and his techniques as a pass rusher and playing the run are poor. Willís overall game impact is based on his quickness off the ball. That quickness, without the necessary strength or techniques, along with his size, will make it a challenge for Will to be productive at the next level.

If youíre interested in selecting Will in this draft you have to ask yourself which player you will be selecting. The tireless worker on the field who plays hard all the time or the poor work ethic player off the field that doesnít learn improved techniques and doesnít get in better shape? In my opinion, Will may have reached his athletic peak. They only way he can improve is to get in better shape, play smarter and learn the pass rushing techniques he will need to become a situational impact 1-gap defensive player. He doesnít get off blocks to make tackles against the run and even now when he hits the gaps and gets into the backfield, itís a crap shoot if he keeps his feet to finish a play. He plays the run very well in one-on-one situations, but every time a team needs some short yards they will double team him and make those yards unless he can gain strength and learn to split that double team. Right now he doesnít have the strength or techniques to do that, which is a problem if he expects to stay on the field even in a rotation scheme. His lack of height and long arms are negatives, but not so much of a negative that he couldnít overcome his size if he realizes that working as hard off the field is as important as working the way he does once the game has started. Will has a unique talent which is his quickness off the ball. If he can magnify that quickness by getting in better shape, learning the needed techniques against the run and pass rushing techniques, it will allow him to be more than just a 1-gap disrupter. Thatís how Will can have a pretty good career at the next level for the team that selects him. Right now itís possible that Will could be selected in the draft. Itís also possible that he could be a priority free agent after the draft. Whatever happens after that will be all up to him.

Drew Boylhart