Xavier Suía-Filo   OG   UCLA


Xavier is an athletically talented offensive lineman. In fact he might be one of the most athletic offensive linemen in this draft. He shows excellent power and strength and foot speed to be a terrific pulling offensive lineman. He is quick out of his stance and does a solid job anchoring against the bull rush. He is outstanding at going out to the second level, keeping his balance and not lunging to make his blocks against the linebackers. In fact he might be one of the best offensive linemen I have ever seen technique-wise going to the second level. Xavier plays with excellent pride and mental stamina and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. He has what I would call a unique but natural quickness to his play. He changes the line of scrimmage to his advantage on every running play and as long as he can get his hands on you at the line of scrimmage his opponents never get a sniff of his quarterback on passing plays. This kid is a plug-in left guard for the next level.

He has played a lot of left tackle for his college team but struggles with second moves when pass blocking and can be taken advantage of if he doesnít get his hands on his opponent right away. Most of it is technique, but Xavierís impact position for the next level will be as a left guard because he lacks the lateral agility to be a true left tackle.

Iím not sure I have seen many players more powerful when run blocking or with the athletic agility that Xavier has in a long time except for the left tackle in this draft from Auburn. Most of the run blocking offensive linemen may have the power but lack change of direction skills and the pure athleticism that Xavier has. Most offensive linemen with the ability to power run block are more straight line and lose balance the longer they block. Xavier moves his feet quicker than most and stays with his blocks longer than most and doesnít lose his balance. He doesnít lose his balance because he continuously moves his feet and has excellent upper body strength that matches his lower body strength. He is very quick and I would look at working him out at center just to see if he could make all the snaps but I suspect he can and that makes him able to play all five positions on the offensive line. He has some work to do if some team wants to try him at tackle but, with his overall athletic talent and football intelligence I think Xavier would figure it out and be a solid left tackle for the team that drafts him. For me personally, Left Guard is where I would play him because he is a very good pass blocker and an excellent run blocker with the ability to play in a pulling system and get out in front and block for sweeps and screens. Xavier is a pro bowl left guard just waiting to happen the day after you select him in this draft. Bet the farm and the cows on it.

Drew Boylhart