Ali Marpet   OG/OC   Hobart


Ali is one of the most athletic offensive linemen in this draft. He shows on film excellent balance and techniques and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. Ali can be used at multiple positions on the interior of your offensive line, but his impact position in the future might be at center. He has the quickness out of his stance and, if he is worked out at the center position and can make all the snaps like I think he can, Ali will be selected earlier than his college level suggests. He is very smart and, as a Left Guard or Center, plays with the pride and effort you need from a leader of your offensive line. Ali is the type of player who, with his quick feet strength and overall excellent athletic ability, will have an impact for the team that selects him that most other offensive linemen coming from bigger programs only wish they could have. He has the potential to be a Pro Bowl player at more than one offensive line position.

Ali will need to get into a strength and conditioning program because his athletic talent was dominating in college, but at the NFL level itís all about athletic talent, strength and football intelligence and being able to handle a 16 game schedule physically and mentally in the trenches. Given the time, he should be fine. Also, if Iím correct and Ali is switching to the center position, there are many new techniques as well as calls for the offensive line blocking assignments that he will have to learn. It could be overwhelming at first.

The problem I have with Ali is he reminds me of former 1st round pick for the Eagles in the 2011 draft Danny Watkins who is a bust. I compared Danny to a former Giants offensive lineman who had an outstanding career in the NFL, David Diehl. So the question is will Ali be another Danny Watkins or will he have a career like David Diehlís? All I can tell you is drafting Ali early in this draft might not be smart because of the level of competition in spite of the fact that he had an outstanding combine and Senior Bowl week. Nevertheless, selecting him at any point in the draft could mean you just drafted the next Pro Bowl left tackle or Center. Iíd take the chance as early as the second round after all itís not my fault Danny Watkins was a bust and itís not the Eagles fault that Danny Watkins was a bust. I always say donít let other players profile in the past dictate the profiles of the future. Profile what you see and not what youíre afraid you might be seeing. Iíd wait to draft Ali until at least the second round because he comes from Hobart and will have an adjustment to make possibly changing positions and to the NFL level. That being said, I would be smart and look at what round Rob suggest he is going to be selected in and go from there. If itís the 3rd, 4th, or 5th Rd how could you not draft him because he has the potential to be a pro bowl offensive lineman? At least thatís what I see.

Drew Boylhart