Alvin Dupree   DE/OLB   Kentucky


Alvin looks the part of an impact edge rusher who fits a 3-4 defense best. He has the lateral agility to rush the passer along with an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage to make an offensive tackleís first lateral move be off balance. He has the long arms and legs that make it easy for him to reach the quarterback in two or three strides. Alvin also has the agility and change of direction skills to drop off the line of scrimmage in coverage. He is very smart and has good football intelligence. Alvin works well with his teammates and looks on film to be an excellent teammate. He has the body type that shows a good work ethic and has the athletic talent and size to be a playmaker at the next level for the team that selects him.

Alvin lacks the passion in his game at the college level to be much more than a good player for his college team. He doesnít get off blocks at all to make tackles against the run. He is very hesitant to rush the passer fearing there will be a screen or sweep to his side and he will take himself out of the play. He seems to lack the quick twitch mental reaction that is needed to make decisions on the fly, which is what happens to players who look the part, but cannot play the part.

On all the film that I have watched of Alvin it seems he waits for his opponent to engage with him before he attacks or engages. If a coach can get Alvin to play and stop thinking so much, maybe he can become the impact player his athletic talent suggests he should become. Alvin should be one of the players everyone is sure will be an impact player at the next level, but I donít see it on film. He is rated high right now, but I donít see how you would put your career on the line backing his play based on his film. I can tell you I wouldnít do it. He has the athletic talent, but he just doesnít seem to understand how to use it. He has excellent pass rushing speed and burst; therefore, as a specialty pass rusher, I can see a team selecting him and using him that way. However, he falls flat defending the run and unless he can find a way to change that problem, he will only be a pass rushing specialist. The truth is I think play in a 3-4 defense is too much for Alvin right now because he almost plays like he is worried he will make a mistake. I think Alvin has the speed, burst and size to play defensive end in a 4-3 defense with his hand down and firing out on every play. He will have to learn how to better shed and make tackles against the run but I just look at him and think right now he is playing out of position and without the aggression required to defeat his opponent. I think his talents need to be unleashed and if the right team can do that, then Alvin just might become the impact player his talents suggest he should be.

Drew Boylhart