Andrus Peat   OT   Stanford


Andrus has the overall athletic talent, size, lateral agility and techniques to be one of the top left tackles who can actually play Left Tackle at the next level for the team that selects him in this draft. His pass blocking techniques are excellent and his ability to mirror his opponent in this draft is one of the best. Andrus seems to take pride in his play and seems to have the mental toughness needed to be a Left Tackle for the next level. What I see when evaluating Andrus on film is the consistency he has in the use of technique with his hands and feet. That is very impressive and very unusual for any offensive tackle at any level. The value of offensive linemen will be very high in this draft no matter what position they play and Andrus will be one of those very highly valued players.

In spite of Andrusí excellent athletic talent, he has been a disappointment this year. He did not play at the same level heís played at in other years. He has not improved his upper body strength and he lacks the aggressiveness in his blocking that he has shown previously. His run blocking techniques are poor because he fires out too high, which may always be a problem because of his height. His overall game and blocking has been inconsistent this year and at times he didnít seem like he wanted to play football and only played because it was expected of him. Hopefully this year was an anomaly and once he becomes a professional, he will become more consistent in his preparation and play.

Sometimes itís hard to overlook a playerís play on the field just because he is so athletic. But itís possible that Andrus was struggling mentally with what he wanted to do with his life in general and just did not put the effort into playing football that he has in past years. Maybe he spent more time going to class instead of working out and gaining more strength in his upper body. Iím giving him the benefit of the doubt, but believe me, if I could interview this kid I would have some very hard questions for him answer. If Andrus played this year the way he has in past, there is no doubt in my mind that I would consider him as one of the top five players in this draft. But that is based on his past years and being at a disadvantage in being able to interview players who have a bad year playing from years past, Iím willing to give Andrus the benefit of his past years rather than just looking at this year for this profile. One of the reasons for doing this is because Stanford makes their players go to class, which may be unusual for most Division 1 universities. I am not suggesting that Andrus ďtankedĒ this year so that he might not get injured like some players have in the past. I am suggesting that mentally Andrus was not as ďinterestedĒ in improving his overall game like he has done in past years. There is a big difference and itís important that you understand the difference. Andrus still played at a high level for his team all year long, but he did not improve over past years and was more inconsistent than in past years. All I can say to Andrus is buckle up your chin strap and get ready to play or you will not make it in the NFL because it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart