Brandon Bridge   QB   South Alabama 


Iím not sure I have ever seen a quarterback at any level throw the ball with the velocity, strength and speed that Brandon does. He has the size, athletic talent to play his position at the next level at a very high level. He has a quick release to go along with that strong arm, looks to be coachable and an excellent teammate. He is a strong, fast runner with long strides that makes it seem like the longer he runs the faster he is. Right now he is playing his position on instincts alone and with amazing talent. When a play breaks down, Brandon can make a play running or passing that will set your hair on fire and wish you were on the field with him playing. He has excellent feet and balance to move in the pocket and is very confident standing tall in the pocket against a blitz. There is no doubt about Brandonís athletic talent to play at the next level, but like I always say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

There are a lot of concerns about Brandonís play because he is just learning the position. He throws just about every pass like itís a fastball trying to get the ball past a home run hitter in baseball for the last out of a no hit game. He throws most passes at the receiver instead of throwing to spots with the touch that is needed for a receiver to catch the ball. He hasnít developed the mature leadership skills that he needs to be successful at the next level on the field yet and, as far as reading defenses, that is not developed for the college level much less the NFL level. Most everything he does is by instincts and although you do need those instincts to be a franchise quarterback, you also need the mental strength to keep competing in adverse situations on and off the field. Right now Brandonís football intelligence on how to play his position is lacking and his football intelligence to handle the total offense at the NFL level is a big question mark.

Brandon has so much talent that it would not surprise me to see a playoff team with an aging quarterback in the first round take a shot at drafting Brandon so they could have 5 years to work with him. Brandonís Wonderlic score will be the deciding factor of what round Brandon will be selected in. In fact, teams that are interested in selecting Brandon will ask him to take more than one Wonderlic test to judge his ability to learn from one test to the other. His Wonderlic score will help a team decide if Brandon ďmentallyĒ can handle the next level of complex offenses. Right now, Brandon would be able to come into a game and win it for you just on his athletic talent alone. However, to handle a 16 game schedule, lead players, deal with adversity and criticism of his play on and off the fieldÖhe is so far away from that level mentally that the learning curve will have to be established before you select him too early in the draft. Add to that his lack of passing the ball with finesse and the right touch to give his receivers a chance to catch the ball and you have a very talented player that has a lot to learn for the next level and that will take an enormous work ethic to succeed. The truth is that if you select him, you might be teaching him the needed skills for some other team; thatís if Brandon doesnít show the football intelligence needed to be successful at the next level for his first contract. If Brandon scores high on the Wonderlic, look for him to move up very quickly on Robís board. If not, I suspect teams will draft him at some point in the fourth round. For me personally I see so much talent that I would take the calculated risk of selecting Brandon early in the second round and if I had multiple picks in the first, second or third round I would without a doubt, use one of them on him because pure athletic talent like this only comes along once in a while and for me that ďwhileĒ would be now.

Drew Boylhart