Brandon Scherff   OT   Iowa


Brandon shows on film to have the athletic talent needed to be a very good guard in the NFL. He shows the ability to be used as an RT in certain offenses, but for the purposes of playing at the NFL level, Guard is his true position. He has excellent mental toughness and is a very physical offensive lineman. Brandon shows leadership skills through his play on the field. He has the ability to turn his hips and push his man up the field when he gets beat; this will serve him well at the NFL level. Brandon is a solid pass blocker and uses pass blocking techniques with consistency. Brandon is the type of offensive lineman who will be one of the building blocks for your line. He will play any posiiton you ask him to play to the best of his abilities and that is all you can ask of any player you draft.

Brandon is short of the athletic talents to play the tackle position at the NFL level but as an interior offensive lineman he should have exactly what you need. He plays too high right now when pass blocking and run blocking; he loses leverage quickly, but as soon as he settles into one of the guard positions Iím sure his techniques will get better. As I said, he should become one of the building blocks and leaders of your offensive line.

It would not surprise me at all to see a playoff team draft Brandon at some point in the first round. The value of a player like Brandon supersedes his talent rating because most are evaluating Brandon as a tackle and the truth is for the next level Brandon doesnít have the athletic talent to play the tackle position in the NFL. Nevertheless, Brandon has the ability to play guard and the mental strength and leadership skills to impact at that position. Changing to the guard position will require him to learn a new position and techniques which could slow his LTI, but as soon as he does, he should become an excellent offensive lineman. As an offensive tackle, Brandon comes off the ball high and loses leverage when run blocking, however most of the time this is not a glaring issue at the college level because he uses his strength to compensate. He is a good fit for a zone blocking scheme, but if he can lower his pad level coming off the line out of a three point stance, Brandon will become an outstanding run blocker and will be able to fit any kind of blocking scheme. As a pass blocker Brandon has enough lateral agility to play guard or maybe right tackle but playing him at either tackle position would be a need and not a position he could dominate playing like he has the potential to dominate as a guard. Brandon mental strength is his biggest asset. This mental strength helps him to be consistent using his techniques and that is what Brandon brings with him to the NFL. For an offensive lineman consistency cannot be taught or coached, a player has to want to be consistent to be successful.

Drew Boylhart