Breshad Perriman   WR   Central Florida


Breshad looks the part of a big time receiver for the team that selects him in the draft. He has the strength in his lower and upper body and the size and long speed that will serve him well at the next level. Breshad has those long strides that make it very hard to stay with him on the deep routes and good enough hands to catch the ball on deep routes, making him the type of receiver that requires double coverage on third and long downs. He has improved in every game this year and although he still has to learn the intricacies of his position and to block with more consistency, there is no doubt that Breshad has the potential to become a number one receiver for the team that selects him. He reminds me a lot of Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe before he got the big contract; he was a force to be reckoned with for defenses.

Breshad still has a lot of small issues that when rolled into one could become one big issue. He has long legs and getting in and out of his breaks right now is a problem. He has good hands, but there are games when you can see him struggle to catch the ball cleanly on some routes when coverage is tight and times, when he is uncertain in catching the low ball in full stride. His route running is not consistent and he is not as strong as needed when his opponents get physical with him on his routes. His work ethic is obviously good because his body seems to be his temple, but now the mental toughness, instincts and football intelligence must come up to the same level.

I like this kidís potential, but he has to work harder on becoming more physical when running routes. Additionally, he needs to improve in the areas of reading defenses, breaking off routes to help his quarterback and blocking. My biggest concern with Breshad is that Iím not sure (because of his lack of aggressiveness on the field) if he truly wants to be a number one receiver. His play on the field suggests that he would be happy being a number two receiver and not having to carry the load mentally and physically of being a number one receiver. This could be just a case of maturity and confidence. After all, he is young, and expecting everyone to mature at the same age (body and mind) is unfair as that happens as different times for different people. I think you draft this kid in the second or third round and expect that after his first year in the NFL you will know for sure if he wants to be a number one receiver or a number two receiver. Either way, youíll be selecting a pretty good receiverÖas long as you donít over- draft him and rush him through development, expecting too much too soon. Selecting him in the first round and expecting him to carry your passing game just might be a little too much for him to deal with just because he looks the part.

Drew Boylhart