Brett Hundley   QB   UCLA


Brett is an excellent athletic quarterback who runs to gain first down yardage, but has the arm talent to develop into a starting quarterback for the next level. He has good size in the pocket and shows on film the quick feet and agility to learn to slide in the pocket and extend plays without taking off and running if his first receiver is covered. He has a quick release, which will serve him well at the next level for the team that selects him. Brett looks to be very coachable and is a good teammate. He can throw every ball on the route tree with accuracy, velocity and touch and if he can get over one teeny weenie little problem, he could turn into a decent starting quarterbackÖif he lasts that long.

I lied; itís really a big problem. Brett doesnít like the physical part of the game in general. He lacks the mental strength to take a hit, fight through and get tougher as the game goes on. In a clean pocket Brett does a good job, but put the pressure on and he drops his eyes and takes off running for the sidelines. If you hit him hard, he struggles to come out of his shell.

Most of the time with players who lack the character and mental toughness to take hits and keep coming back for more, you suggest they change positions. However, for Brett, there isnít a position on the field that he wonít have to take a hit on offense. Now in Brettís defense, I said the same thing about the Ravensí Joe Flacco when he came out in the draft and he has done a pretty good job fighting through the hits and making plays in the passing game. But then again, Joe Flacco was always a pocket passer and never had the athleticism to break the pocket and make plays with his feet the way Brett does. Brett has a good arm and throws the ball with good overall accuracy, but unless he gets with the right team that is willing to bring him along slowly, Iím not convinced that Brett will become anything more than a back up. I would wait until his first contract was up and see how much he can improve. I think letting another team do all the work first is smarter than doing the work yourself and taking up a roster spot for a player who you feel might be a better starter in the long run. Nevertheless, thatís just me, Iím sure others will think differently and like I said I thought the same way about Joe Flacco and he seems to be working out just fine. There is one position that fits Brett better than the position he plays now and that is as a specialty rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He has that type of size, athleticism, foot speed and burst needed to play that position and he could be the one making the hits instead of getting the hits.

Drew Boylhart