Javorius ďBuckĒ Allen   RB   USC


Javorius reminds me of the 2010 2nd round pick by the Houston Texans, Ben Tate. He is a very good blocking 3rd down running back and shows on film very good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield as a check down option. When he is in the open field, he has the speed and quickness to gain yards after the catch. He is a big running back and with his size you would expect him to break tackles at the line of scrimmage. He is a straight line runner with very little wiggle to make players miss him, but what Buck really brings to the table is his talent to block for his quarterback on third downs and catch passes out of the backfield. In the right zone blocking offensive scheme, Buck could impact. That being said, he is a systems running back and that will affect his draft status.

Although Buck has good speed, he lacks the balance, lateral agility, vision and acceleration in the hole to be an effective running back in any style of offensive system. He runs with his pad level high so itís very hard for him to gain yardage between the tackles on third and short yardage in spite of his bulk and upper body strength. Buck also lacks the lower body strength to push the pile so inside the red zone he will struggle to make yardage. The biggest issue for Buck at the next level is that he carries the ball low at times and that leads to fumbles at the next level and fumbles will put him on the bench.

As I said before, Buck reminds me a lot of Ben Tate, a player who the Texans drafted in 2010 & now has bounced around the NFL a bit to the Browns and later to the Vikings. I suspect unless Buck can lower his pads and make plays between the tackles that his career will mirror Ben Tateís career. That is not to say that both running backs canít be successful, but it does mean that Buck will have to find the team that can magnify his skills and sometimes that is hard to find. Players like Buck who are big for their position give the coaches the perception that they can be a pounding style running back, breaking tackles and making yardage like everyone thinks a big running back should be able to do. Buck is up against that perception and unless he can impact in other ways to change that perception of a big running back having to break tackles and push the pile on third downs, he will struggle to find a place in the NFL. Right now Buck is not as productive a player between the tackles at the college level in a pro style offense, which makes me believe that he can be more than what he has been for his college team. I believe he will be a solid running back with the ability to break a big play on third down as a check down receiver. The Patriots Kevin Faulk had a good career being just that style of running back; he was smaller than Buck, but he found the right team and had a pretty good career.

Drew Boylhart