Cameron Artis-Payne   RB   Auburn


Cameron will be successful at the next level in a no-huddle spread offense. He has the quick feet and vision at the line of scrimmage to make those quick stutter steps, change direction and make something out of nothing. Cameron reminds me a lot of the Bengalsí Giovani Bernard. He is a little bigger and his CPM is higher, but the style of running is very much the same. Cameron is a terrific pass blocking running back and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field like a receiver is extremely valuable to his team. He shows the lateral agility to cross the formation and pick up blitzing linebackers and he reads defense as well as most quarterbacks do coming out in a draft. Cameron is a plug in third down back with the talent to become an intricate part of your offense on any given down. He quick feet, lateral agility, vision in the open field, ability to block on passing downs and his talent to catch a ball and run until he scores make him very dangerous and the type of back that defensive coordinators will have nightmares about. If you draft him, let him touch the ball about 20 times a game in combination of running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield and you have a ready-made impact player for your offense.

Cameron is not the type of back who is a run through the middle of the offensive line breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage type of back. He is just not that style, so if youíre looking for that, Cameron is not your man.

Think Giovani Bernard or Andre Ellington and thatís the style and type of running back Cameron will bring to your team the day after you draft him. He can run between the tackles and he will make yardage, but to ask him to take that kind of abuse will be counterproductive because he doesnít have the bulk or lower body strength. Giovani Bernard was the 37th pick of the 2013th draft and Andre Ellington was the 187th pick of the 2013 draft and both players became intricate parts of their teamsí running and passing offenses in their rookie years. Cameron is bigger and faster than both and has a higher CPM score of 84.8 to Bernardís CPM score 80.3 and Ellingtonís CPM score 79.5. Cameron has the same style of running and catching the ball as both those players; therefore, the only thing holding Cameron back from being as successful as both those two running backs are, would be any off field maturity issues. As far as I know, there are none to worry about so draft him in any round you want and put him on the field because he should become an impact player the day after you draft him just like Giovani Bernard and Andre Ellington have become.

Drew Boylhart