Cameron Erving   OT/OC   Florida St


Cameron has remarkable athleticism for a player his size. In fact, he has remarkable athleticism for a player of any size. He has quick feet and is a powerful blocker. He can play any position on the line of scrimmage and can play them all at a very high level. As a left tackle, his quick footwork allows him to easily mirror his opponent. He also has excellent lateral agility and is quick out of his stance, which allows him to stay with, and dominate, those pesky speed rushers on third and long situations. Cameron can be used in any type of offensive line blocking scheme and that, along with playing more than one position on the offensive line at a very high level, should make Cameron a very appealing selection for any team in this draft. Cameron was moved to offensive center position the middle of this year and since that time, his team has had a dominating running game. When he plays center, he can make all the snaps with ease and get out of his stance quickly at a pad level which makes it virtually impossible to handle him in run blocking. He goes out to the second level with ease and can be used as a pulling center all because of his athleticism. Cameron is the type of offensive lineman who could be something special and the type of player who makes impact blocks and plays beyond what is expected of most offensive linemen. I call him Cameron (The Handler) Erving because he seems to be able to handle any position on the offensive line.

Cameron has to mature emotionally on and off the field and improve his football intelligence. He has to learn to call the blocking assignments and become more of a leader verbally and through his play if he continues to play the offensive center position. As a left tackle, his techniques are poor because of his ability to be a better athlete than most of the players he goes up against. He gets beat when his techniques break down and he still struggles to recover in spite of his athleticism. The question is whether or not Cameron will ever learn and use the correct techniques to get better in the passing game for both positions? The truth is, thatís the question for any offensive lineman coming out in a draft as long as they possess the athleticism.

The closer we get to draft day, the more people will be talking about Cameron and his athleticism. However, as I say all the time, it takes more than athletic talent to play in the NFL. His ability to play the center position at the college level is clearly dominant, but that wonít happen at the next level if he doesnít start to learn and use the necessary techniques to improve his pass blocking. I think he can do it and Iím betting that he will do it. His success at the center position has given Cameron new positive mental strength that he did not have as a Left Tackle. At the Left Tackle position, Cameron was struggling. He was struggling because he was not consistent with his techniques. When he was moved to the offensive center position, he was able to use that athleticism against players who are not as athletic as he is. He has become once again a more dominant player. I do think his natural position and dominating position will be as a center because I think he will have early success as a center and a lot of help. As a LT, he is out on his own and his lack of techniques will be magnified. Iím not convinced that Cameron has the maturity and positive mental stamina to handle the pressure on and off the field as a left tackle. But I do think that eventually he could handle either position and become a Pro Bowl player at both.

Drew Boylhart