Cedric Ogbuehi   OT   Texas A&M


Cedric reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills offensive tackle, Cordy Glenn. He has excellent athleticism to play his position. He has good lateral agility with quick feet to mirror his opponent along with those long arms that NFL coaches love to see on the players they are interested in at tackle for the next level. Cedric has nice overall size and looks to be in solid football shape to impact at both tackle positions, which will serve him well at the next level. Cedric has all the necessary size, strength, athleticism to be a franchise Left Tackle and to be considered as a top pick in this draft. He very well might be due to the value of the position, but for me, he lacks that something that separates the franchise players from the average players.

Cedric is either lazy, doesnít take to coaching or doesnít have the mental strength to play at a high level at the college level or the next level right now. Maybe he will improve once he is selected in the draft, but what I see on the field right now is a player who will go through more coaches than coaches go through players.

Cedric has played a lot of snaps at the college level and still lacks the techniques on every down to be a dominating offensive tackle and truthfully, there is no reason for it. He could be a solid right tackle for the team that selects him, but drafting him with the thought that he will defend the blindside of a $20 million dollar a year quarterback I think, is expecting way too much from him. Remember you draft with the information you have in front of you on draft day and the information on Cedric right now is that he hasnít shown improvement in his play this year to warrant selecting him in the first round of this draft. Like I said before, Cedric has all the tools athletically to dominate any position on the offensive line, but he just hasnít shown the desire to do that in my opinion. I think he wants to be a right tackle at the next level and perform at just the exact level to be a starter, but as far as dominating, I donít believe thatís a personal goal of his or he would have done so at the college level. What can I say? Thatís what I see in his play on film and for me personally, selecting him in the 2nd round might even be a bit of a stretch, but it will be hard to overlook his size and athleticism given the value of the position he has the potential to play for some NFL team.

Drew Boylhart