Chris Conley   WR   Georgia


Chris has excellent athletic talent. In fact on our Combine Performance Metric score, Chris had the highest athletic score of any of the receivers who worked out at the combine, CPM 97.1. He is fast, quick and he has the size you look for in a receiver to build your passing game around. Chris looks on film to be a good teammate. His blocking is solid and because of his speed, quickness and size he has the skills to play any one of the receiver positions. Chris has soft, strong hands to go and get the ball when itís in the air. He has the athletic talent to adjust to the ball in the air and the vertical to catch those fade passes in the end zone over top of his defender. Chris will make the acrobatic catch when going up against single coverage. He is smart and still learning; he should become an impact player at the next level for the team that selects him.

Chris has to get tougher, both physically and mentally. He has to learn to get open even against double coverage with the same consistency he does against single coverage and he has to get stronger to gain yardage after the catch. Right now, he is an easy tackle after the catch. Chris must learn to run his routes with more lower body strength and learn to get off bump coverage quicker and faster than he does right now.

I donít think that Chris is ever going to be your big run after the catch type of receive if the ball is delivered to him in traffic, but he will catch the ball and gain the needed yardage that the route requires. He can get deep and when he does he is excellent at catching the deep ball. Chris is smart and on the short routes he uses his body to shield the defender from the ball. Against zone coverage, he is very good at adjusting his routes and finding the soft spots in a zone. If Chris is drafted by a team that has a smart quarterback, he could wind up being the rookie of the year. The NFL teams who have Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Derrick Carr and Teddy Bridgewater are the types of quarterbacks who would benefit from a receiver like Chris because of their ability to take advantage of Chrisís intelligence, ability to adjust to the ball, soft hands and speed. Chris reminds me a lot of Bengal AJ Green. He does have to get tougher mentally, but once he does, he could be a receiver you can build your passing game around.

Drew Boylhart