Cody Prewitt   S   Mississippi


Cody has the size, strength and overall athletic ability to become an excellent defensive back for the team that selects him. He has long arms that give him a big defensive radius and long legs that will allow him to cover ground quickly. He has solid change of direction skills and looks to be a good teammate with important leadership skills. Cody wants to make plays and he wants to make tackles; his physical style of play lends itself to him being the type of player teams look for when they need a defensive back. He has solid tackling skills and is a sure tackler once he gets his hands on you. Cody has the talent and football intelligence to become a coach on the field if he can control himself to go less for the big play and make the players around him better through playing more consistency.

Biggest problem for Cody to overcome is taking poor angles in the open field and missing tackles. Once he learns to play more under control and with fewer mental mistakes he could become one of the best safeties from this draft class. Cody has to understand that he plays the last line of defense. He has to allow the game to come to him and not try to force making the big play.

Safety is as much a mental game as it is a physical game and right now Cody lacks the mental portion of the game, but he does have very good athletic talent. He might be a better fit as a strong safety up near the line of scrimmage, but the problem with playing that position is that Cody doesn’t have much bulk to his body, which may lead to a lot of injuries when playing up near the line of scrimmage. He has the physical body type to be a good cover free safety, but he has to learn better cover skills before he can impact at that position. Therefore, right now, Cody can help on special teams and nickel-dime coverage until he understands the more mental part of playing the safety position and become a better open field tackler.

Drew Boylhart