DJ Humphries   OT   Florida


DJ might be the most athletic offensive tackle in this draft. He has excellent size, very quick feet and those long arms that make defensive linemen take the long way around to get to the quarterback. He is fit and has the foot speed to go out to the second level or be used on sweeps and screens getting out to the edge with ease. With his agility, quickness and overall athletic ability, I know that he could play more than one position on the offensive line. His ability to get out of his stance quickly is a big asset when pass blocking or run blocking and his lateral agility is top notch for any tackle position. When he uses the correct techniques and finishes his blocks, DJ is without a doubt one of the best offensive tackles in this draft for the 1st quarter of a game. Unfortunately, after the 1st quarter, itís like watching a car crash in slow motion.

DJ may look in shape, but he has no physical stamina. He cannot seem to play at the same level after the first quarter. He also lacks the mental stamina and, as he gets tired, he commits penalties, misses blocks and doesnít move his feet after he engages. He needs to work on his upper body strength because, as the game gets into the later quarters, his arms start to collapse and his opponent gets into his body. Also as the game goes on, he gets lazy and doesnít move his feet or finish blocks which puts him into situations where his teammates roll up on his legs. Consequently, he has had a lot of nagging leg injuries and hasnít been able to play in many games. There is a big red flag for me personally on this kidís physical stamina because he looks to be in great shape, but struggles to finish games physically.

DJ could be a coach killer and a GM killer. Right now I see a player playing for a contract and not a player playing for the love of the game and pride. There is way too much talent for this kid not to be considered a top ten pick in any draft, much less this draft, and I suspect after the combine we will hear a lot about him because unless he has a serious medical condition, his stats will jump off the pages. When that happens, I suggest everyone go back to the game tape and look at a full game to evaluate what is actually happening. As each quarter of the game progresses, you will see his play deteriorate to a shocking level. A level that challenges his pure athletic talent to the degree that you think that he is not very athletic at all. I can tell you this: if I was a quarterback, I would not want this kid blocking on my blind side. If he loses his concentration or just gets lazy, you will be taken off the field on a stretcher for sure. Nevertheless, there is a lot to work with and the value of a left tackle position is very high. So, I would ask the tough questions about his game film in the interviews and the biggest question would be why he canít finish more one quarter at a high athletic level that matches his high athletic talent. If I was convinced he might put the work in to improve and his medicals were clean, I would look to select him in the 2nd round. For me personally the 1st round is too high to take a chance in spite of his pure athletic abilities. But thatís me looking for more than just talent to play in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart