D’Joun Smith   CB   Florida Atlantic


D’Joun has the athletic talent and size to be a starting cornerback in the NFL for the team that selects him. He has those long arms that give him a bigger defensive radius and allows him to play bigger than his size. He has the quick-twitch speed along with excellent recovery speed that allows him to make up ground when he gets beat. He has good hands to make the interception and can adjust to the ball in the air when needed. D’Joun plays on special teams as a returner and on the coverage units as well as being the starting cover corner back for his team. Because of his long arms and legs he looks much bigger on the field than his measurements indicate and has excellent strength to match up with the bigger receivers. He is smart and can turn the page when he gets beat; he seems to have excellent confidence in his ability to play in single coverage against the top receiver of his opponent. D’Joun is very underrated at this point in the draft and the team that selects him will be selecting a starting cornerback who should become an impact player very quickly.

If D’Joun was closer to the 6’0” mark he would most likely be considered a top CB in this draft. The competition level will also be an issue for some teams. D’Joun has to become more consistent tackler. So let’s add it all up: lack of height, level of competition and needs to learn to tackle consistently.

I will give you that D’Joun will need time to adjust to the NFL level, but those other issues are just excuses and can be minimize by a player with a good work ethic and D’Joun by his play on the field looks to me like he has an excellent work ethic. He will learn to tackle better, he will be an impact player on special teams and intercept the ball as a corner, and because of his build and overall strength he plays bigger and that will allow him to become an excellent cover corner. Just give him some time and this kid is smart enough to figure it all out and impact. He still has some technique issues and zone cover learning to do, but no more than most corners coming out in the draft. D’Joun reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills CB/S Cory Graham. He is not as big but he plays as big and his special team’s skills are on par with Cory’s also. So drafting D’Joun in the 2nd or 3rd round seems logical to me. Selecting him any later just means your team has selected one of the steals of this draft, a starting impact defensive back in the later rounds…that’s what I call smart drafting.

Drew Boylhart