Damarious Randall   S/CB   Arizona St


Damarious has solid cover skills and with his athletic talent, he could play more at the cornerback position at the next level than the safety position. He has nice size and seems to like playing single coverage on slot receivers more than he likes to play in a two deep zone defense. He shows decent hands to make the interception, good quick feet along with long arms that give him a bigger defensive radius. Damarious shows on film the overall talent to help a team right away as a nickel-dime defensive back and as a gunner on special teams. In the future he will have to be moved to the cornerback position because safety is just not the position that he should play at the next level.

Damarious is the worst open field tackler in this draft. I could score on him if you gave me the ball and told me to run straight at him one-on-one. He does a decent job when he is covering a receiver, but in the open field and against screens and runs up the middle, trust me when I say, if Damarious is your last line of defense then you got a problem.

I think what we have here is a kid playing out of position. He should be a decent cornerback if he decides to take on blocks and become a better tackler against running backs and in the open field, but he is just not a safety. He is solid in coverage, does a good job tackling the players hes covering and he seems to have natural cover skills, but he is not a quick twitch cover type of player which means he most likely is a number 2 corner or a nickel-dime corner. No matter what or where he plays, his lack of physical nature to deal with tackling and taking on blocks will be a problem the longer he stays on the field. Unfortunately, that means Damarious is a specialty player, which are important. However, for me, Im drafting players I feel that have the potential to be starting players first. I leave the drafting of specialty players to the other teams and see what happens to them after their first contract is up.

Drew Boylhart