Danielle Hunter   DE   LSU


Danielle has surprising strength, along with the size and overall athletic ability to become an excellent defensive end for a 4-3 defense. He has the length to rush the passer and does a good job against the double teams used against him to run the ball to his side. He is quick to react to sweeps and screen to his side, either by making the tackle or by stringing the play out and holding the line of scrimmage for others to make a play. He has the body type that lends itself to thinking he could play as a stand up DE/OLB in a 3-4 defense and, if his workout numbers suggest this is true, his value will increase. Danielle has all the tools, size, length and athletic ability to become a standout player for the team that selects him. He just has to realize that potential is not anything more than just thatÖpotential.

Itís surprising to watch Danielle play on tape. One play he uses excellent techniques and makes a play and then, on the very next play, he is using such poor techniques you wonder if he ever played the game before. He is always the last player off the line against the run or pass, which is concerning. When he uses an inside rush, he drives his outside shoulder into his man instead of using his hands and techniques and itís only because of his natural strength that he doesnít get washed out. However, when he uses this shoulder technique, he never makes a play. At one point for about three plays in a row, I thought he might be related to Venus de Milo because he looked like he had no arms at all. It was disturbing. Then, all of a sudden, he uses excellent techniques and strings out a sweep when he is being double teamed holding the line of scrimmage down the line and finally shedding and making a tackle. Very perplexing indeed.

There doesnít seem to be a lack of effort in Danielleís play, but there is a lack of consistency to say the least. Why he plays the way he plays is a mystery to me. He looks on film to have the body type and strength that would make him easy to handle when an offensive lineman would want to run block against him, but once the ball is snapped you realize right away that isnít the case at all. He has natural strength in both his lower and upper body so being able to play against the run is not a problem. When he uses some pass rushing techniques, he does have slow hands and needs to use his hands quicker, but that is not a real problem. The real problem is sometimes he just dives on the ground at the feet of his opponent as if he was the offensive lineman going to make a cut block. Itís just weird. Then at other times he drops his head, takes his outside shoulder and drives it into his opponent, getting washed down the line allowing running backs to run right by him or through his gap. It makes no sense. There is talent and size and length and stoutness against the run, but there is so much inconsistency that selecting him in the round his pure talent suggests is taking a big chance. Truthfully Iím just not sure what makes this kid tick. Nevertheless the talent is intriguing and drafting him and developing him to reach that talent could be very rewarding.

Drew Boylhart