David Cobb   RB   Minnesota


David Cobb is the type of running back who does all the little things that make running backs, and their teams, successful. He is a powerful running back with the lateral agility to make players miss at the line of scrimmage. He has the vision in the hole to break tackles, follow his blockers and make yardage when his blockers are getting beat. David can get you those tough yards on third downs and inside the red zone because of his vision, lateral agility and the ability to be patient and wait for his blocks. David is a touchdown making machine! He can catch the ball down the field as well as any receiver and as far as blocking for his quarterback on third downs, handling blitzing linebackers and helping with stunting defensive linemen, David is one of the best in this draft. David is a complete and efficient running back with the leadership skills to build your running game around. He has the power in his upper and lower body along with the techniques to set up his blockers and make positive yardage on every down.

Most teams will downgrade David because he doesn’t have the speed to take the ball to the house on any given play. They will also downgrade David because the position in general has been devalued, but slowly I see that changing with the big backs this year impacting for the teams in the Super Bowl.

Here is the thing about David. He knows how to play his position. That goes a long way with me. He knows he is a power runner and in knowing that, he also knows he has to be good at blocking and catching the ball so that he can stay on the field and impact as a power runner. He knows that he has to run the ball and get into a rhythm. He knows that the only way for him to impact every time he runs the ball is to set up his blockers, then follow them and wait for his opening to use his burst to make the needed yardage. If you’re looking for a running back to build your offensive running game around, you would be very smart to select David. If you’re looking for a change-up back who can score from anywhere on the field, I wouldn’t recommend David. Go get that speed back that will fumble and not block but will scare your opponents into unbelievable game planning because David is the type of back on film that you think you will not need to be game plan for because he doesn’t have the speed to score from any place on the field. David is just the type of back who gains 100 yards and catches 5 passes for 35 yards and scores two touchdowns in the red zone. He’s the type of back that at the end of the game (after your opponent has lost because of David’s impact) the Head Coach looks at his defensive coordinator and defensive coaches to ask them what the hell just happened. “You can’t tackle this guy, he’s nothing and you guys let him beat you?” On film, David looks average but in the game he is everything but average; he’s a running back you can count on all game long to make the play when it is most needed. If you’re a cold weather team looking to build your running game, you want to select David Cobb because he will get you the yards to win the game and that’s what a running back is supposed to do.

Drew Boylhart