Devin Funchess   WR/TE   Michigan


Devin is a tall, long-legged receiver who has the ability to be the type of receiver you can use all over your offense. He has the athletic talent to adjust to the ball in the air and high point the ball making him a very tough match-up in the red zone. He can play out wide in the red zone and in the middle of the field for slot, making him even more difficult to cover because of his size and athletic talent. Devin loves to catch the ball outside of the hash marks and, if you give him a free pass across the middle, he will gain yardage after the catch. He has a smooth stride and that long speed to go deep. Due to his height, he will make an inaccurate quarterback all of a sudden look very accurate throwing the deep ball. Some people are listing Devin as a tight end. I donít consider Devin to be a tight end, but I do consider him to be a solid receiver who will have to be a consideration for an opponentís game plan because of his size alone.

Devin lacks the mental toughness and strong hands to be considered a top receiver right now, but he could develop into one if he can overcome both of these issues. He has soft hands to catch the ball, but not strong hands to secure the ball, which results in a lot of dropped passes. At the next level, his opponent will strip the ball from him causing fumbles or just knock the ball out of his hands to give him an incompletion. He struggles to catch the ball in stride and with consistency going over the middle and has had a lot of drops when the ball is not above his waist. Devin is a very poor blocker in space and gives a half-hearted effort; he doesnít stay with his blocks long enough to be effective. He is not an in-line blocker at all. For all of these reasons, listing him as a tight end is a bit of a joke.

Devin doesnít have the skills of a tight end and Iím not sure he was ever used as a tight end by his college team, so Iím at a lost why anyone would list him as a tight end. In fact, he is a poor blocking receiver so suggesting he is a tight end is ridiculous to me. He does possess excellent talent and size and, although he lacks quickness and lateral agility to run better routes, he can be an impact receiver because of his ability to adjust to the ball when itís in the air. The biggest problem I see in Devinís overall play is that lack of mental toughness to take the big hit in traffic and the lack of strong hands to secure the ball after the catch. These are issues that will both haunt him and be magnified at the next level. He can gain the strength in his hands if he works at it, but gaining the mental strength to take the big hit over the middle on slants and crossing routes is a whole other problem and sometimes players just never overcome that issue. Devin has those long stride to go deep, but a quarterback will need very good protection to wait for him to get long to make that throw. Then again, inside the red zone, Devin will go up and get the ball with the best of them in this draft and that is a skill most teams look for in a receiver.

Drew Boylhart