Eddie Goldman   DT/NT   Florida St


Eddie is a monster. He is athletic with the size, strength and foot quickness to dominate the inside of an offensive line. He has the lateral agility and strength to shed and make tackles in the hole and has the quickness to get off his man and into the backfield to disrupt passing plays. When he plays on the nose, he is too much for most centers to handle one-on-one and has to be double teamed. If your offense needs a yard to make a first down, then Eddie has to be tripled teamed. Eddie will make your defensive line a dominating force against the run and he is the type of player you can build your defensive line around. Heís a building block for a future playoff defense because he can do it all in the middle of the line. He can shed blocks and make tackles, push the pocket on pass plays and has the quickness to rush the pass. When youíre looking for the definition of a pure defensive lineman, youíre looking right at Eddie (The Monster) Goldman.

The only issue I can think that would prevent Eddie from being selected high in this draft is if he has medical issues. Heís a big kid with a ton of weight on a frame that takes a lot of punishment in the middle of the line. The combine physicals will be big for Monster Eddie.

To me, this is the best pure defensive tackle in this draft because not only does he have the talent, but there is no lack of effort on any play. He makes the players around better and is an impact player with leadership as shown by his play on field. I like him best on the nose in a 3-4 defense; however, with the multiple styles of defensive fronts that teams now use, Eddie will not get lost playing in any style of defensive front. Eddie understand his talents and knows his job -- to change the line of scrimmage, stop the run and take up as many blockers as he can on any given down. Thatís his strength, but Eddieís talents donít end there. Eddie has the quickness and athleticism to handle playing in a 2-gap 3-4 defense as a defensive end also because he has the quickness and the ability to change directions. Eddie is a multi-talented player and with his size and strength, he has everything needed to be a dominant player in the NFL for the team that selects him. Eddie (The Monster) Goldman: remember that name as the monster who will be giving Offensive Coordinators nightmares for the next few years.

Drew Boylhart