Ereck Flowers   OT   Miami


Ereck is big, long arm, long-legged offensive lineman. He has all the physical attributes you look for in an offensive tackle for the next level. He has quick feet to go along with those long arms and legs and that will serve him well at the next level. Ereck has played on both sides of the offensive line and although he has done a solid job on the left side at the college level, he might be more suited to playing on the right side at the NFL level.

Right now, Ereck does not show the mental strength or the physical stamina to play a full game much less a 16 game schedule. He lacks the upper body strength to keep pass rushers off his body when pass blocking and when run blocking, he doesnít get the push needed to move a flower pot -- much less an NFL defensive lineman. His techniques are very poor and his physical stamina to play a full game without fading in the fourth quarter and committing penalties will be a big problem at the next level. Ereck is in for a big shock at the next level, but given time and a better work ethic, Ereck could become a standout offensive lineman.

There is something that some players coming out in the draft never get and it is the main reason why players with the physical talent donít succeed at the NFL level. The NFL is a 24/7, 365 job if you want to be successful. If youíre not working with your teammates and coaches on plays, techniques, timing, etc, then you have to work on your body. You might be able to take a month off after the season, but after that, you better get back to working 24/7 or you will be left behind and your body will not do what your mind thinks it can do. I donít believe Ereck has that work ethic with what I see in his play on the field. He hasnít worked on his body and that alone is his biggest problem. His techniques are poor and while he has those quick feet that get him into the correct position to block, he has no technique to follow through and finish. He gets tired and when he gets tired, he gets mad and commits a bunch of penalties. His favorite pass blocking techniques when he gets tired is to take both his hands and clamp down on the outside shoulders of his opponent and hold him so that a pass rush move cannot be used against him. Ladies and gentlemen, thatís called holding at the NFL level. Ereck will be overlooked because of his size and athletic talent, but for me, I donít think he plays with enough pride to be a left tackle and Iím not sure how much he will play without getting injured for his first contract. Maybe Ereck, with a little help from a cattle prod, will become better than I have suggested but right now, I think there are other offensive linemen who will be better and I would let some other team ďcoach him upĒ first!

Drew Boylhart