Garrett Grayson   QB   Colorado St


Garrett reminds me a lot of former St Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger. He is smart and takes what the defense gives him. He shows on film good accuracy and seems to have a good pocket presence, feeling the pressure and moving around to extend plays. He shows on film strong overall athleticism to make plays with his feet when he needs to, but he is not the type of quarterback that leaves the pocket to run the ball for a first down often. Garrett is a pocket passer and although he plays in a pro style spread offense, he is comfortable in the pocket and throwing from the pocket. Garrett will make plays in the passing game with smart play calling to his strengths; what Garrett brings with him to the next level is efficiency, football intelligence and a calming type of leadership that will be his catalyst to success.

Most college quarterbacks coming into the NFL need work on their mechanics to improve their arm strength mostly in velocity and this holds true for Garrett as well. He has a low release point that will make it easy for a lot of his passes to be knocked down at the line of scrimmage. This will make it difficult for Garrett to become consistent, passing the ball at impact times of a game. The problem with changing Garrettís release point is that it might affect his accuracy and his accuracy is what will make him attractive to warm weather teams in this draft.

In the right system, such as a warm weather team like the San Diego Chargers and with the right coach, Garrett could be as good as Marc Bulger was for the Rams, which was pretty good for about 7 years. Marc Bulger was a 6th round pick in the 2000 draft by the New Orleans Saints and bounced around to the Atlanta Falcons until he found his way to the St Louis Rams. He got on the field only because of injuries and poor play of the quarterbacks in front of him; however, once he got on the field, he was a pretty solid quarterback for the Rams. I suspect Garrettís career in the NFL might mirror Marcís and when he does get on the field, Iím sure he will perform as efficiently as Marc Bulger did for the Rams until injuries took away from his talent. Garrett may not make the players around him better, but if you put a talented team around him, Iím convinced he can make them win and winning is really the true goal of every quarterback and team.

Drew Boylhart