Henry Anderson   DE/DT   Stanford


Henry has the potential to be as impacting for the team that selects him as the Texans’ JJ Watt. He has similar athletic talent with the skills to play more than one position on your defensive line in any style defensive front. He uses very mature techniques and has the competitive stamina that allows him to make impact plays in the fourth quarter of a game. I have seen him take over games in the fourth quarter with his quickness and strength. He is excellent in stopping the run and, when he is called upon to rush the passer, he gets there with the quickness and strength reminiscent of Watt. He shows on film the lateral agility and strength to go down the line and stuff the run. He also shows the burst and quickness into the backfield and the change of direction talent to finish and make the sack. Henry has played all over the line of scrimmage, but his best position for the NFL should be as a defensive end in a 3-4 defense. That’s the position in which he has the best chance of impacting very quickly.

Henry has room to improve. He can get bigger and stronger, but believes this gets taken care of once he’s in the NFL strength and conditioning program. He plays a little high sometimes when zone blocking against the run and has to learn to bend his knees and not lose leverage. Remember this: Henry is not a finished project. He has been an impact player at the college level, but the draft is about potential and projection in the NFL. Henry’s film says he has excellent potential and projects (once he gets more weight room work) to impact big time.

I’m convinced that, as soon as Henry concentrates more on football and less on his studies, he will become even more impacting than he was at the college level and trust me, at the college level, Henry had to be accounted for on every play by his opponents. Truthfully, Henry is hiding in plain sight and if he played in the SEC he would be considered as one of the top picks in this draft. As of this writing, it seems there is not much talk about Henry, but I believe the closer we get to the combine and the draft, more and more people will be going back and looking at his film and re-evaluating his play for the last three years. There is plenty of film to look at believe me. When called upon, Henry can rush the passer, but he is a team player and because of this I feel most are overlooking this aspect of his game. As soon as he starts to work out, I think he will show athleticism that will surprise a lot of people. Add to that his football intelligence and you have an impactful defensive lineman. Like I said, give him a year in an NFL program and Henry could become as impacting as JJ Watt has been for the Texans. You want to pass on this type of potential, go right ahead but I can tell you this, the playoffs teams won’t.

Drew Boylhart