Hroniss Grasu   OC   Oregon


Hroniss is a technically sound offensive center who can make all the snaps and has good leadership skills to play for the team that selects him. He shows on film good feet to be used in a quick pulling blocking scheme as well as being used in a zone blocking scheme. He has mature techniques and is very consistent blocking for both the run and the pass. Hroniss has the mental stamina to play when he is hurt and in the no-huddle, quick snap system his college team uses, he shows the physical stamina that is needed to run that system. Hroniss is constant and smart and works well with his teammates, coaches and his quarterback, which is very important in a quick snapping or no huddle spread offensive systems.

For the NFL level Hroniss is small and gaining bulk is not going to happen without it affecting his athletic talent because of his body type. The fact is, Iím not sure gaining bulk will improve his overall play anyway. Hroniss struggles to go out to the second level and make his blocks on the more athletic linebackers because he lacks the change of direction skills needed in the open field. He comes off too high when run blocking and loses leverage; however, when he does come off the line at the correct pad level, for his size he does a good job and is quick into his blocks.

I think if youíre in a division in which your offense is up against a lot of 3-4 defensive fronts, you might prefer to draft a bigger center. But, if you are running mostly no huddle or quick snapping offenses, Hroniss is your man. A lot of teams are running quicker offenses and need centers that have the mental and physical stamina to handle those offenses. What I like about Hroniss is his mature and consistent pass blocking techniques. I think no huddle teams will have Hroniss rated higher than I have him graded, but other teams with more conventional offenses will maybe think that Hroniss is too small and his ability to gain bulk is limited and might pass on him. I do have to admit that he is a systems center, but I think he is a very good systems center providing he is in the right system (of course)! I like him and I think any time you can draft a center with this type of talent you should do it no matter what offensive system you run. I think you draft him and coach better. Hroniss actually gives an offense coordinator more options with its blocking scheme than a more conventional offensive center and that is what would intrigue me into drafting a player like Hroniss.

Drew Boylhart