JJ Worton   WR   Central Florida


JJ has the athletic talent, speed and soft, strong hands to be an impact player for the team that selects him at the next level. He is a big slot receiver with deceiving quickness and excellent lateral agility to return punts and run any kind of route in the slot or out wide that you have designed in you offensive game plan. He never gives up on the ball once itís in the air and, if you hit him in stride, it takes a lot to take him down in the open field. JJ reminds me a lot of Packers receiver Jordy Nelson and, like Jordy, will be overlooked in this draft because he doesnít just play one spot -- he plays more than one position which seems to confuse people when evaluating a playerís talent and intangibles for the next level. JJ plays on special teams and is one of the most effective returners in college ball over the past few years. He is much bigger than most returners and because he shows the quickness that is unusual for his size, most evaluators will just believe that he is successful only because of the competition level. However, I donít believe thatís true. JJ can also be used as a move receiver and does a solid job blocking for his teammates. This kid has the talent to impact right away at the next level.

JJ did have some off field issues that could be a problem. He also hasnít played just one position and like I said, this confuses the evaluators because they are not sure if he can beat man-to-man coverage with his talent or is just a good scheme receiver. I do understand that and respect that to get a handle on what position and how effective JJ can be could be a challenge. JJ ended his year with an ACL tear which is affecting his status for this draft. I donít think he will be able to workout and that will also set him back.

The chances of seeing JJ Wortonís name in the top 100 is slim to none. In fact, it would not surprise me if he doesnít get drafted at all. However, I do believe he has more than enough talent to play in the NFL and that he is an excellent receiver. As I said, JJ reminds me a lot of the Packersí Jordy Nelson and unless he has no interest in the NFL or has a background that is so flawed even the NFL wouldnít draft him, I suspect we shall see him impact with the right team right away if he can come back from injury. Receivers are a funny lot -- they are truly only as good as the person throwing them the ball. If you select a receiver early in the draft, teams must play them and hope they impact. Receivers picked later than the fourth round usually struggle to get on the field, but JJ has special teams return skills and this might be his calling card to bigger and better things in the future. Heís big, heís strong, heís fast, he impacts on special teams and can catch the ball securely in the middle of a hurricane with the threat of a house falling on top of him. I think a smart team in spite of his injury would select him at some point in this draft. I know I would be looking for his name and targeting him.

Drew Boylhart