Jaelen Strong   WR   Arizona St


Jaelen has excellent size and hands to become a strong possession receiver for the team that selects him. He loves contact and enjoys slant routes and crossing routes, where he shows the greatest amount of speed. He has terrific run after the catch skills and doesnít shy away from contact. Jaelen will get those tough yards for you on third down and, because of his size and the way he uses his body to shield the defender, he is very successful at moving the chains. Jaelen will catch the ball when he is being contested and will fight for the ball in the air, even adjusting to the ball in the air when he anticipates a bad throw. He can play in the slot in the middle of the field and, in the red zone, he can use his size and height as a mismatch against those smaller cornerbacks to score touchdowns. Jaelen uses solid technique and his strength to get off the line and beat bump and run coverage. He has excellent overall talent to be the type of receiver that quarterbacks fall in love with on third downs.

Jaelen likes to body up on his opponent and as a result, runs poor routes with little separation making just about every pass thrown to him a contested pass. Thatís not good for the next level and if he doesnít start running routes better, faster and quicker at the next level, Jaelen will only be a specialty receiver instead of a starting receiver. He also struggles to catch the deep ball with consistency, particularly if thrown too high. If he wants to be a possession receiver, he needs to gain even more strength in his hands.

Jaelen looks to have very good speed when running slants and crossing routes, but he doesnít show that speed at all on his other routes. He has a lot of bad route running habits, but if he can straighten that part of his game out, Jaelen can become a hell of a receiver because the talent is there. When he runs a deep route, he slows up to put the defender on his back for some reason and when he runs an out to the sidelines, he makes his cut and then slows down so that he can put his defender on his back and make a contested catch. There is no reason for this except that Jaelen has gotten into the habit of trying to make a simple throw and catch more spectacular than it really has to be. I like that he is strong running his routes and can easily beat bump and run coverage off the line, but after he beats the coverage, once again, he slows up to make the catch and that catch becomes contested when there was no need for it to be. Jalen can become an excellent possession receiver, but he will have to change the way he runs routes to become a top flight possession receiver. I think he can do it with the right team and a quarterback with a strong arm.

Drew Boylhart