Jake Fisher   LT/RT   Oregon


Jake has the athleticism to play the offensive tackle position at a very high level. He shows on film very quick feet that will help him at the next level to mirror his opponent when pass blocking. He has excellent size and functional strength to block for both the running and passing game. Jake has good strong hands and, when he uses good techniques, he is a very good pass blocker. He can move his feet quickly enough to stop those speed rushers from getting into the backfield and sacking his quarterback. He plays with good mental strength and physical stamina. Jake doesn’t commit many penalties, is smart and works well with his line mates. Jake shows on film pride in his play and the leadership qualities that will do him well at the next level. He is a developmental offensive tackle for the team that drafts him.

Jake is developmental because his techniques suck. Even his stance is wrong. In fact, the whole offensive line is “technique poor”, to say the least. When Jake is run blocking, he lunges out because of a poor stance and doesn’t bring his feet, which results in him being off balance and losing his block. When he is pass blocking, he stands square to the line of scrimmage in a frog-like stance locking his hips and not allowing him to move laterally. His lateral movement is poor, but because of his quick feet, if he changes his stance and uses the correct techniques and foot work, I have no doubt that Jake can become one of the better offensive tackles from this draft.

Jake has all the ingredients to be a very good Offensive Tackle, but as I said, poor techniques are, and will be, his downfall if he doesn’t correct them soon. He struggles with change of direction and lateral agility, but his feet are so quick when he is pass blocking that you can see that his weaknesses are magnified by poor techniques. He might have to be used at the guard position, but if he doesn’t bring his feet and fire out with the correct pad level, you might as well forget about the guard position. He is tall and really fits more at the tackle position then guard anyway. Because he lacks the lateral agility, he might have to go over to the right side where he can be covered up on third and long downs with a tight end. However, I think because of his overall athletic talent, that if he works hard he can become a very good left tackle. So interview him and find about why his techniques are so poor. Is it because he just doesn’t bring what he learns on to the practice field or is it a lack of coaching. From the look of the whole line I would have to believe it is a lack of coaching. Jake’s athletic talent, weight and physical stamina send me the message that it is not because of a lack of work ethic.

Drew Boylhart