Jalen Collins   CB   LSU


Jalen has the talent to be an excellent cover corner. He has strong athletic skills and the quick twitch that you look for in a cover corner. He has very good speed and has the makeup burst and speed along with good length that gives him a big defensive radius when defending against those bigger receivers. Jalen likes the challenge of taking on the opponentís best receiver. He has the ability to be a solid corner back in zone coverage and shows some leadership in his play on the field. Jalen will meet a sweep around his side of the field and will get physical enough to break through blocks attempting to disrupt the play or make a tackle. When he uses form tackling he is a secure tackler, but the best attribute that he brings to the field is his pride and effort he gives on the deep ball being thrown to his side. He never gives up on defending the deep ball, which makes him the type of corner with the potential to cover all types of receivers big or small.

Jalen is not consistent from game to game with his techniques both when tackling and defending against the pass. He has to become stronger in his upper body to become the shutdown corner his talents suggest that he can become for the next level. He also needs more repetitions and more experience playing smaller receivers, learning to use his size and length to gain more of an advantage on crossing routes and slants. Right now, he has a very bad habit of running across the field looking into the backfield and not staying up with the receiver thinking he can jump the route at any time. Thatís not going to happen at the next level. He has to stay closer to the receiver crossing and read the receiver when the ball is coming, then make a play on the ball or limit the ďafter the catchĒ yardage. Itís a technique issue that can be corrected.

Jalen must get stronger hands and in his upper body to deal with the physical receivers at the next level. The physical running backs that will run sweeps and screens at him knowing he is inconsistent and struggles against physical play will definitely challenge him. Until he gets bigger and stronger, it will be hard for him to start a 16 game schedule. Until that happens, this kid can impact on nickel/dime coverage and against the bigger pass catching tight ends on third down situations. Remember the draft is about projecting a playerís talent and although it is not likely that Jalen will be selected in the first round of this draft, that does not necessarily reflect his potential for the next level. Jalen hasnít had the repetitions that a lot of other cornerbacks have had that will be taken ahead of him in this draft, but that does not mean they will be better. It just means they are safer players to select. As soon as he becomes stronger and more consistent I expect Jalen to become an impact cover corner because of his ability to defend against the deep ball. As he gains more strength and learns to tackle with more consistency, itís possible that Jalen could become a cover safety; however, until then Jalen looks like he can become more than just a nickel/dime corner because he has the athletic talent, size, long arms and legs and the pride you need to be successful at the next level. So look on Robís board for the likely round Jalen will be selected in because thatís what the two board system is all about, finding talent in every round of the draft.

Drew Boylhart