Jameis Winston   QB   Florida St


Jameis is the type of quarterback you live or die with. He has excellent size and solid overall athleticism to play his position at a very high level. He does a good job feeling the pressure and has good feet to move around in the pocket. He possesses a great deal of football intelligence and reads defenses as well as any coach on the field. When Jameis throws with good mechanics, he shows significant arm strength and touch to make all the throws for the next level for all 32 teams. Jameis shows the ability to lead and play under adverse situations on the field. He knows how to slide in the pocket to extend plays without leaving the pocket. He never gives up and will throw the ball as many times as it is needed to bring his team back from behind. Interceptions do not rock his confidence. Jameis is unique and as long as he can start to make better decisions off the field like he does on the field, he should become a Franchise quarterback for the team that selects him.

Letís put aside Jameis off field issues and concentrate on his play on the field only. His best throws are over the middle and when he feels pressure, he throws off balance losing accuracy and velocity. Jameis will throw a lot of interceptions until he becomes more consistent with his mechanics throwing the ball outside the hash marks. Nevertheless, he is fearless and understands how to turn the page if he is having a bad day and even improve his play as the game goes on.

Jameis has little problems (emotionally) on the field and as far as his problems off the field, the facts donít seem to outweigh the rumors and media attention. To date, the ďhe said, she saidĒ court case that is hanging over his head seems to be waiting for him to sign his first contract or is politically motivated. After all it was dropped at one time and until a witness is willing to hold a hand up, take an oath and say in court what they saw or heard, it doesnít matter what that person may have said to draw attention from the media to themselves about a situation. Nevertheless, that doesnít mean Jameis isnít guilty and teams will have to decide for themselves. For me personally, I would have to have more information to make a decision as to drafting Jameis, but right now with the limited FACTUAL information, I have no problems selecting him in the first round of this draft. Most of the members know that I am a big person on character being as important as talent when drafting players. Iím also big on not listening to rumors and not responding to negative media hype about a player. They donít call me the BS Detector for nothing and right now there is a lot of BS going on in the media about Jameis. He has brought it on himself and is his own worst enemy, but at the same time, this scrutiny is being magnified because of the court case that was dropped earlier. On the field Jameis shows unusual maturity in his decision making and his ability to make others around him play better. Remember it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and Jameis has that street smart mental talent that makes the difference between a starting QB and a franchise QB. He sees and feels the game Ė thatís his unique talent.

Drew Boylhart