Jaquiski Tartt   S   Samford


Jaquiski might be the only safety in this draft that truly understands his position and plays it with that understanding. He has very good overall talent and size to play his position and is smart in pass coverage reading routes and reading receivers. Jaquiski has the physical talent to cover those big receivers and pass catching tight ends. But his best attribute that he brings is the fact that he realizes that he is the last line of defense and plays his position with that in mind on every play. He rarely lets the play get behind him and, as far as playing in zone coverage and understanding zone coverages, he is the best in this draft. Jaquiski has the make-up speed to recover if he does make a mistake in coverage and the size, strength and defensive radius to make any pass a contested pass for his opponent. Jaquiski has the talent and football intelligence to become an impact safety for the team that drafts him.

Jaquiski is not a forceful tackler and, when coming up to help out against the run, seems hesitant to commit as quickly as he will need to commit at the next level. I feel the reason for this is that Jaquiski understands that he is the last line of defense and is hesitant to over commit and miss tackles. He has no problems with being physical, so this hesitation is strictly a mental problem and not a physical problem. Jaquiski is also a sloppy tackler because he is trying to be too careful. Nevertheless, he does get him man down. But he has to become more of a form tackler or players at the next level will break his tackles.

Jaquiski has no problems with being physical taking on blocks, shedding them and making tackles, but he does have a problem being decisive in the open field against running backs. He wants the players who are supposed to make the tackle to do so before he gets involved; thatís why he hesitates and gets sloppy when making a tackle against screens and sweeps. He has no problem recognizing running plays and his instincts defending in both against the run and pass are excellent. If his assignment is to be the first player to the ball, Jaquiski will be the first player to the ball without any hesitation. This kid will become a big time impact safety as soon as some coach can get him to trust his instincts and commit quicker to what he sees in front of him when defending against the run. He might come from a smaller college and will have to adjust to the NFL levelís speed and the intelligence of its receivers, but given the time, I have no doubt that he will become an impact safety for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart