Jeremy Langford   RB/WR/ST   Michigan St


Jeremy reminds me a lot of Packer Randall Cobb when he came out in the draft. He has good speed and excellent hands to catch the ball as well as the ability to block players bigger than his size. Jeremy is a multi-faceted football player who can be used all over your offense creating mismatches that will drive defensive coordinators crazy. He can move the chains as well as break a big play because of his football intelligence when running the ball out of the backfield. He shows on film good balance and quick feet along with the vision to be able to anticipate the tackle and not take the full force that will get him injured. Jeremy is what I call a sneaky running back slipping tacklers instead of breaking tackles with the force of his body. He should be a good returner on your punt teams and because he is a good blocker and has very good hands to catch the ball down the field, you can use him as a receiver at any position.

Main issue for Jeremy is that he has to be drafted by a team that sees him as more than a running back or change up running back. He can impact in that capacity but I just think he can impact in more ways if you use him all over the offense. Jeremy doesn’t have the bulk to be a full time running back, but as I said, move him around and he has the talent to be a full time starter who can impact.

What attracts me to Jeremy is his ability to block players bigger than he is. This means if you put him in the slot as a receiver he can help seal the edge, which opens up your offense to a passing play or running play on third and short situations. He is tough and can move the chains. As a running back, although he is mostly a north/south runner, he doesn’t seem to take the big hit because of his vision to slip and anticipate the tackle. As a slot receiver he can catch the ball down the field and, as a move receiver, he can get off the line and become a mismatch in zone coverage for safeties and linebackers. Jeremy is a little bit bigger and faster than Randall Cobb was when he came out, but he lacks the toughness to his game as a receiver catching contested balls and will have to learn to run all the routes from all the receiver positions to be fully effective. Nevertheless give him some time to adjust and get tougher running his routes and catching the ball when contested and he should become as impacting a player as Cobb has been for the Packers.

Drew Boylhart