Jesse James   TE   Penn St


Jesse is a tall tight end who catches the ball very well and is a very good in line blocker, which is unusual for a player as tall as he is. He does a good job helping the tackles pass block and a solid job run blocking using his size to his advantage to seal off his opponents and open holes for the running game. He can run the typical tight end routes with solid athletic talent and, because of his size, is a big target going up the slot and in the red zone. He is smart and will use his body to shield his defender from the ball and catch the ball in contested situations, securing the ball after the catch. He is very difficult to match up against in the passing game because of his size. Jesse will also go down the field to catch the ball and will adjust to the ball in the air if given the time. Jesse is a complete tight end and will help an offense in both the passing game and blocking for the run.

Jesse doesn’t seem to gain much yardage after the catch, but his quarterback was very inaccurate throwing and Jesse was smart to secure the ball and gain the yardage he could. I think at the NFL level and with better accuracy throwing the ball, Jesse will have much more of an impact in the passing game. He has to learn to run quicker routes and gain better separation, but Jesse was so worried about when and where the ball was going to come to him that running routes was not the priority for him. Once again, with a more accurate quarterback, I think Jesse will become much more of a passing threat. He is aggressive when blocking in space, but he has to learn to break down and get himself under control.

Jesse is not fast, but he is so big and he becomes a match-up problem no matter how fast he can run because of that size and the fact that he has good hands. My biggest concern is the lack of very much run after the catch yardage. I don’t like to see him go down so easily, but like I said, with a more accurate quarterback throwing to him and getting the ball to him quicker, that might make a big difference and give Jesse the ability to turn his shoulders after the catch and make more yardage. I think Jesse has big time potential; with a little more teaching and experience, he should become an intricate part of a team’s offense, a core player and a fan favorite. I’m mean, after all, we are talking Jesse James -- the rootiness’, tootiness tight end in this draft…yeehaw!

Drew Boylhart