Jordan Phillips   DT/NT   Oklahoma


Jordan has good size and solid athletic talent to play his position. He is strong and moves well with good effort on every play. He has those long arms that keep blockers away from his body and should allow him to shed blocks and make tackles in the hole. He is slippery when he wants to be and can get into the backfield and disrupt plays. Jordan will make some sacks on the less athletic quarterbacks who stay in the pocket because he shows good north/south quickness with his moves and is fast with his hands when pass rushing. Jordan has been used as a pure nose tackle over the center for his college team and when he is double teame, he is stout against the run allowing others to make plays.

Biggest problem that I see in Jordanís play on the field is that he plays way too high and loses leverage and the balance to be able to finish plays. He is very stiff legged and needs to take advantage of his size and strength by bending his knees and coming off the line at a lower pad level to change the line of scrimmage on every play. He does a good job shooting the gap, but most of the time he is off balance and lacks the change of direction skills to finish; however, he is disruptive and that is a good thing. Right now on film his size is helping him to dominate; however, if he canít play with better and more consistent leverage, that will not be enough at the next level.

Jordan will struggle at the next level until he learns to bend his knees and gain leverage on his opponent no matter when position he plays at the next level. Right now an offensive lineman with a good hand punch stops Jordan right in his tracks and sets him up for double teams and runs right up the middle. He has to control the middle of the offensive line for his defense like he has at the college level but leverage is everything in the NFL. Until Jordan learns it and uses it on every down, he will just be a rotation defensive lineman who doesnít get his job done stuffing the run and pushing the pocket and handling double teams. Give him a little time and some good coaching and Jordan will be an excellent nose tackle in a 3-4 defense like he has been for his college team and a dominant defensive lineman in any other scheme.

Drew Boylhart