Josh Shaw   CB/S   USC


Josh has the size and length along with good athletic ability to play in the defensive backfield at multiple positions. He has excellent instincts and is very smart in evaluating plays before as the snap of the ball. He understands down and distance and shows some leadership skills in his play on the field. Josh has good, solid cover skills and, inside the red zone, has the skills and athletic talent to be used in any position in the defensive backfield. In the middle of the field he can be used to cover those big pass catching tight ends and on the outside against those taller wide outs. He shows on film to be a secure tackler, in spite of the fact that he seems (at times) willing to let others on his team make the tackle first when he plays one of the safety positions. Nevertheless Josh shows on film to be a solid defensive back that has the athletic talent to become an important part of your defensive backfield.

Although Josh does a good job tackling when he plays the safety position, he seems to wait for others before he attacks and makes the tackle himself. He is really smart and seems to understand what offenses are doing and will get into position to make a play before, and as, the ball is being snapped. However, he lacks confidence in what he sees in front of him and hesitates and waits for others to finish the play. Heís not afraid of making a play, but he does seem to be afraid of making a mistake. Itís concerning to me that Josh is afraid to be wrong to the extent that it affects his ďimpactí for his team.

With the right coach who will allow Josh to make mistakes once in a while, Josh could become an impact defensive safety for the team that drafts him. He has good enough cover skills to be used as a cornerback, but his instincts and his football intelligence would better utilized at the safety position. As this kid matures, and with the correct coaches who will allow him to make some mistakes until he has more experience, Josh has the skills to make interceptions and give quarterbacks fits as a safety. If they donít use him as a safety and just use him at the corner position, he can be a solid player, but not necessarily an impact player.

Drew Boylhart