Justin Worley   QB   Tennessee


Justin is a quarterback who reminds me a lot of former 2-time Super Bowl QB, Kurt Warner. He plays from the pocket and when he throws in rhythm, he is excellent at finding the open player and getting the ball to him. He has a strong arm and can make all the throws when he uses good mechanics. Justin has just enough athleticism to extend plays and move in and out of the pocket. He has the size you look for in an NFL quarterback and the football intelligence that should excite most offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches to work with him at the next level. Justin has a lot of talent, enough to become a starting quarterback at the next level; with the right coach, maybe even more than that. The truth is when Justin is healthy he has the accuracy, arm strength, athleticism and leadership skills to be more than just a starting quarterback -- but that’s the problem…when he’s healthy.

Justin has a big problem to overcome: a shoulder injury to his throwing arm. He has been hurt a lot in college and although his teammates have struggled as a group, the truth is Justin doesn’t help them by hanging on to the ball too long trying to make the big plays. He has to learn to get the ball out on rhythm, must get better with his pre-snap reads and needs to go through his progression quicker and not stare down his receivers. In truth, Justin is still playing high school football at the college level.

There are a number of issues that have delayed Justin’s development. Some of those issues are his fault, some of them the coaching and a result of the play calling, and some of them the offensive line and receivers’ fault. Through all of this, I still see Justin’s potential because of his positive attitude to deal with all of these issues along with his talent to play his position. I would suspect that unless Justin can throw before or at the combine that he will not be drafted. Then again, I have been surprised before. Some smart agent marketing to specific teams just might get Justin selected late in the draft…that’s if he passes the medicals. I like what I saw of Justin on film every time he played and thought that if he could just make it through a season that he might be selected in the first or second round. Two big issues that are against Justin being selected at all: the injury to his shoulder and the fact that he has never played more than 8 games in a 13 game season in college. I like him and think late in the draft if I want to bring in some competition and make my starting quarterback sweat for his job, Justin would be the quarterback I would target. He has been a very good quarterback when he is on the field – you just have to find away to keep him on the field. This kid is a sleeper and the type of player the good ones come from. If I needed a quarterback and Justin passed the physical, I wouldn’t hesitate to draft him, it would just be a matter of what round.

Drew Boylhart