Kevin Johnson   CB   Wake Forest


Kevin has excellent athletic talent to be an solid cover corner at the next level. He has that quick twitch reaction that the NFL teams love to see and has very good size and length along with good speed. He has those quick feet to go along with that quick twitch and is a smart player as well. Kevin had a lot of repetitions as a pure corner for his college team. He has those long arms that give him a large defensive radius and, if you try to go deep on Kevin, he will do just about anything he can to make sure the receiver he is covering does not catch the ball. Kevin has the potential to be an excellent corner back for the team that selects him providing he corrects some glaring issues that could become magnified at the next level.

Kevin is a penalty machine waiting to happen at the next level. Unfortunately, he is immature and if a player is successful against him, Kevin will do something stupid to get back at him. On the deep ball, Kevin basically assaults the player if he is getting beat and, if he is successful in defending the deep ball, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone knows it from the player to the side lines. Kevin also is what I call a fake tackler. He gets there after the initial tackle is made by some other team mate and then acts like he was the one who made the initial stop. He lacks the bulk and strength to be physical, but tries to be and fails dramatically. The bigger receivers at the next level will literally abuse him physically and the smaller receivers will embarrass him too because Kevin panics and will commit penalties try to stay with them on crossing routes and curls. In my youth, older people would have called Kevin a ďpunkĒ and unfortunately, with his antics on the field, I donít know that I would disagree with them. I DO know that I wouldnít touch him in this draft.

There is nothing wrong with Kevinís talent. Oh, he needs to bulk up and get stronger without it affecting his speed and quickness, but thatís really not the issue. The issue is his maturity on the field and his antics that make me feel that off the field this kid might be deep into things he doesnít belong in. Iím only going by what I see on the field for this profile, but when you see players giving other players the slash sign and not tackling and grabbing players, but pulling on them theyget beat deep, you have to admit thatís not the way to play the game of football especially with the experience that Kevin has playing cornerback at the college level. I would sit in the combine and interview Kevin and ask him why he gives the slashing across the neck sign to opponents when he makes a good play? I would ask him why he feels the need to grab a playerís jersey on the deep ball when he is running right on the playerís hip. I would ask him why he got thrown out of a game for targeting and in the very next game hit and targeted another receiver and than pranced around like a peacock after it happened -- while the player was hurt on the ground. These, to me, are the actions of a punk and unless Kevin could give me answers to all of these questions that would make sense I think I would let others in this Draft select a player who looks to me like he is not going to start for very long in the NFL. I just bet that if teams take a hard look at Kevin they might find some questionable things off the field because I can tell you this, on the field there are many.

Drew Boylhart