Kevin White   WR   West Virginia


Kevin reminds me a lot of Michael Irvin, former WR Dallas Cowboys. He has quick feet and excellent balance. He is a strong route runner, can break tackles and adjust to the ball in the air. Kevin has strong hands that can take the ball in the air at any height. He is very smart against zone coverage and works very well with his quarterback to break off routes and sit down in zones to make himself easy to throw to. Kevin has that ďItís MineĒ attitude when the ball is in the air and does a very good job using his body and his strength in tight converge to defeat his man to the ball when itís in the air. He is a willing blocker and looks to be an excellent teammate. He is a zone coverage receiver and red zone nightmare. Until his route running matures, in the middle of the field he can use double moves to free himself up against man to man coverage. Kevin is the type of receiver who gains separation once the ball is in the air and QBís at first will have to learn to trust Kevin and throw him the ball when he doesnít look open because once the ball leaves the QBís hands, it belongs to Kevin and only Kevin.

Right now Kevin is a better receiver against zone coverage than he is against man coverage, but give him time and he will dominate against either style of coverage. I said before on deep routes he gets separation once the ball is in the air and doesnít look like he is open until the ball is ready to be caught. As soon as he gains the trust of his quarterback and coaches to throw him the ball in tight situations, Kevin will become a dominant receiver.

If a team is inside their own 20 yard line, itís smart to put Kevin into motion and get him the ball quickly so he can use his quickness and the ability to break tackles to move the chains. If a team is in the middle of the field, throw it to him over the middle on a slant and he will use his body and strong hands to beat his opponent to the ball. When youíre in your opponentís red zone, line him up on the outside and throw him the ball even if he is double covered. Throw a fade to him and he will use his strong hands to come down with the ball and adjust his body to come down in bounds. Trust me, either Kevin comes down with the fade or the ball falls to the ground because no one beats Kevin to the ball once itís in the air. Kevin has the ability paired with an accurate quarterback to be as impacting as Jordy Nelson has been because he is very smart. He might not have Jordy Nelsonís long speed, but he does have his savvy skills to run routes, get open using his body and strong hands to catch the ball in any type of situation.

Drew Boylhart