Kevin White   CB   TCU


Kevin reminds me a lot of Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden. He has excellent technique playing in both man-to-man coverage and in zone coverage. He is a stout corner who is an excellent tackler. Opponents canít run a sweep or a screens to his side of the field because once he identifies the play, he is like a heat seeking missile bursting to the player and making a wrap up, head up, squeeze and drive tackle that will strip a player from the ball if he doesnít hold on to it as tightly as he can. Kevin plays bigger than his size because of his strength, his technique, his football intelligence and instincts. He understands what his opponent most likely will do on any given down and distance against him. He has the quick twitch, quick feet and hip flip that you look for in a cornerback to stay with his man on those deep passes. Kevin is excellent at using the sidelines to help him defend those bigger receivers; and, because of his upper and lower body strength, is solid at the bump and run techniques that most NFL cornerbacks use consistently. Kevin has the leadership skills and that football player savvy you look for in a player and I would draft him on my team any time.

Kevin is vertically challenged and some teams will not look at drafting him until the later rounds. Those teams that do that are making a big mistake because this kid can play.

Teams that insist on a certain size/speed ratio in the players they are looking at in a draft are the teams that will pass on drafting Kevin. Thatís just the way some GMís and coaches are. Those teams over the years usually fall into that trap and miss on drafting a lot of very good players. Me personally, I want football players and I expect a coach to coach to a playerís talents. Of course we all know thatís a perfect world and no one is perfect, so to compensate, most teams will draft with size/speed ratio as a main guideline and then draft the players who donít fit that system later in the draft. This is why there are so many busts in the first round of the draft every year. Teams will draft a player with the specified size, speed and athletic talent over the players with less measureables but really know how to play the game. Itís a mystery to me! Will Kevin be an impact player? All I can say isÖ he will become a core player with the leadership skills to be a coach on the field. Kevin will be the type of player year after year GMís and coaches will try to replace with a bigger, faster player. But I suspect that wonít happen.

Drew Boylhart