Kwon Alexander   LB   LSU


Kwon has nice athletic talent to play any one of the linebacker positions. He shows on film quick feet and has excellent mental toughness to mix it up with players bigger than him without any hesitation. He shows to be a smart player and does a good job playing the run in coverage against running backs coming out of the back field and tight ends who are pure tight ends and not the pass catching tight ends most team like to have now. Kwon can make plays and when he takes on blocks, he has a way of slipping off them and making a tackle. Kwon should be an excellent special teams player on the coverage units because of his fearless style of play. Kwon has the potential to play middle linebacker in a 4-3 system, but until he can show his full potential at that position, he should work on impacting on special teams.

Kwon has a lot of bad habits and takes a lot of false steps to get to where he is going on the field. He tries too much to go around blocks instead of taking them on and is inconsistent identifying running lanes from the offensive lineman blocking assignment. At times he takes very poor angles; when he takes the correct angle to the play, he makes a play. In zone coverage, his drops are poor and not deep enough; however, if assigned to a running back or tight end in third and short passing down situations, he does an excellent job defending his responsibility. I think Kwon needs the type of coaching that will show him how to play bigger than his size more consistently. He does it at times, but then again at other times he doesn’t. Kwon also needs to wrap up better when he tackles or he will not be anything more than a specialty player in the NFL.

Kwon is on the small side for the standards for his position, but he has the athletic talent to become a core player and a fan favorite if he can just learn to become more consistent and use his size to gain leverage against bigger opponents. If he can’t become more consistent in all phases of his game, I have no doubt that he could make a living in the NFL as a starting linebacker in the NFL. If not, he should become the type of player who can make a very good living as a special teams player on the coverage units. He plays with a fearless attitude and coming down on kick offs and punts like a torpedo should set the “fear meter” off at a high level for any player thinking they are going to make a return. Kwon has the talent to be a starting linebacker for the team that selects him, but he has to learn to play bigger on every down and learn the intricacies of his position. Kwon reminds me a lot of former Panthers 2009 2nd round pick Everett Brown. He is not as big, but plays the same way.

Drew Boylhart