Lael Collins   OT/OG   LSU


Lael is an aggressive, athletic offensive lineman who can play more than one position at a high level on your offensive line. He shows on film solid lateral agility to mirror his opponent and has the quick feet to go out to the second level to make his blocks. He also has the athleticism to get out in front for sweeps and screen plays. He is a dominant pulling offensive lineman and plays with the pride and leadership needed to be a starting player the day after you draft him. Laelís best attributes are easy to spot. When pass blocking, he keeps his shoulders square to his opponent and when he does get beat, he can flip his hips and push his opponent up the field because of his quick feet, allowing his QB to slid in the pocket. When Lael is pulling, his opponents can read the numbers on the front of his jersey keeping his body square and making his blocks powerful and dominating even when he is on the move. When Lael is run blocking, he fires out quickly and at the correct pad level to make it almost impossible for defensive linemen of any size to change the line of scrimmage in their favor. He is a dominating offensive lineman and thatís why I call him Lael (The Dominator) Collins.

Lael may struggle if played as a left tackle in some offensive systems because of his aggressiveness. When pass blocking, he needs to use better techniques and ďtrustĒ those techniques more than his athleticism. Nevertheless, Iím sure if you a patient with him he will learn and do what he needs to do to be successful at any position on the line.

Can Lael be a true left tackle in the NFL or is he more of a guard? For me personally, it doesnít matter. I draft him and put him on the line and at some point in his career I work him as a left tackle. For the purposes of this draft, Iím sure he can play left tackle in a pinch and I know for sure he can be a dominating guard or right tackle right away. Lael strikes me as the type of player who loves a challenge and he will make himself a Pro Bowl left tackle because of his pride and personal commitment. He is also smart and knows that left tackles make the money and I think Laelís pride will want him to be a top left tackle in the NFL. It might take a little time because his techniques (when pass blocking) are not the best. He hold his hands too low and his lateral agility is not top notch, but with a little better technique, because of his overall athleticism, Lael can accomplish being one of the best left tackles in the NFL. I would also see if he can make snaps and work him out at the center position. If he can or has proven in the past to have played the center position, that just helps his case as one of the top and dominating offensive lineman in this draft.

Drew Boylhart