Landon Collins   S   Alabama


Landon is a solid two deep zone safety with the size to play up near the line of scrimmage if you need him. He is smart, understands his position and works well within the context of the game plan. His college team used him all over the field in single safety coverage, two deep zone coverage, covering slot receivers and in nickel and dime up near the line of scrimmage. Landon has the size and straight line speed to play linebacker or safety depending on the defensive system and, because of his football intelligence, he can be used in multiple positions just like his college team used him. This will make Landon very attractive to most teams in this draft looking for defensive backs that can play in multiple styles of defensive scheme as most teams in the NFL play.

Landon was used in so many different defensive formations that I think it may be limiting his ability to make impact plays. His play right now is of a cautious nature, almost afraid to make a mistake. He seems to lack the decisive mental quickness to react to plays both in the passing game and against the run. His tackling in the open field one-on-one is not very good at all and his tackling technique and form in general is very sloppy. In coverage, he is mostly used in zone and doesnít have the make-up speed even when playing in a two-deep safety position to make up for mistakes if a player gets behind him.

Right now what I see on film is a player who hasnít become the impact player at the college level that his size and speed suggests that he could become. In his defense, itís very possible that this is because of the defensive scheme that he was used in and the fact that he was used all over the defense. Landon might be thinking too much, which affects his ability to react quickly to what he sees. That being said, I would think by now being in the same defensive system, that Landon would react much quicker to the play in front of him as well as having better tackling techniques. A safety cannot miss a tackle in the open field and for me personally, Landon misses too many tackles in the open field and does not react quickly enough to be a safety in the NFL. He could make it as a nickel/dime, linebacker/safety because in the red zone he seems to react much better to the plays in front of him and his lack of make up speed in coverage is minimized. However, as a starting safety or linebacker, he has to tackle better and react quicker than what I see on his college film.

Drew Boylhart