Malcom Brown   DT   Texas


Malcom is a strong, powerful defensive tackle who should fit a 3-4 defense as a nose tackle as well as a defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense as a run stuffer. He gives excellent effort on every play and has solid athletic talents to push the pocket on passing downs. He shows leadership qualities through his play on the field and shows good football intelligence. Malcom does a good job shedding blockers and making tackles at the line of scrimmage and is strong against a double team. He does not get moved very far off the line of scrimmage when double teamed, which shows excellent upper and lower body strength to take up blockers and allow others on his team to make a play. Malcom is a worker bee on the field going about the business and making an impact the way a good defensive tackle should be making an impact.

Malcom doesnít have the long arms you prefer to see in a defensive tackle and he will have to learn better techniques to get off blocks quicker to make tackles at the next level. He also comes off the line of scrimmage too high and he takes too many little steps before he engages his block which will allow players at the next level to gain leverage against him. If Malcom cannot learn to lower his pads and get into his opponent faster so that when he takes those little steps, he will be challenged to change the line of scrimmage to his advantage. Strength-wise Malcom is excellent, but technique wise he is working too hard to stay on the line of scrimmage instead of changing the line of scrimmage consistently.

Malcom is a hard worker but he doesnít gain advantage of every play and itís all because his techniques are poor. When he stands up straight and engages his opponent off the snap, he looks more like he is dancing the waltz instead of playing football. He is very strong and I can see this on film because at first when he engages his opponent he comes off so high he loses leverage and still they canít move him off the line of scrimmage. But truthfully, Malcom should be in the backfield, not dancing right on the line of scrimmage unless he is being double teamed. Itís almost as if he has one of those invisible fence collars on and he is afraid to get into the backfield for fear of being shocked. When Malcom does split the offensive blockers and gets into the backfield, he can disrupt. He shows good agility but he lacks the change of direction talent to finish and make a play. Nevertheless he doesnít stop trying which is a good thing. Malcom will be a great fit as a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. I truly feel that is his impact position at the next level. As soon as he learns better techniques, this kid will dominate in that style of defense because of his natural strength and work ethic. He could be as good as the Patriotsí Will Wolfork if he can correct his techniques and I think he will.

Drew Boylhart