Marcus Peters   CB/FS   Washington


Marcus has the size, strength and overall speed to play more than one position for the team that selects him in the draft. He also has excellent coverage technique and is a physical defensive back that could easily handle those big receivers and tight ends who line up in the slot. Hes one of those players that terrorizes defensive coordinators when game planning. He has those long arms and legs that give him a bigger defensive radius and allow him to trail receivers so that he can fight off those pesky back shoulder throws so many teams like to use now to gain first down yardage. Marcus is smart and, when he plays zone coverage, he is a ball hawk. He has good hands to make the interception and he loves to run the ball back as far as he can before going down. He shows on film the quick feet to flip his hips and the length to stop the fade pass in the end zone. He loves a challenge and steps up his play to the level of his competition.

My gut tells me his trouble with his coaches was scheme related. Im guessing he wanted to play more man-to-man to showcase his talents to scouts, and the coaches wanted zone because of the overall talent of the defense. If Im right, that is still not an excuse. However, for the NFL, it is not that big of an issue. I would like to see him become a more secure tackler but when Marcus is outside one-on-one against those screens and sweeps, he does his job. He also doesnt have that quick twitch you look for in a true cover corner, but makes up for that with his length. Marcus gets fooled a lot on double moves and until he can control himself better, this will be his biggest weakness at the next level.

Marcus is a fighter and he wants to win, but he struggles to evaluate himself and identify his own weaknesses. Until he can do that, he will be inconsistent at the next level. He will make an interception, but then give up the big play that could win the game. He is physical and has his hands all over the receiver in man-to-man coverage like a blind man reading Braille, which will lead to penalties. He has decided that he wants to be a bump-and-run type of corner, so for him to play in any other style of defense means he might not be happy. He could be a hell of a free safety and make a bigger impact in coverage all over the field, but I think he envisions himself as the next GREAT shutdown cover corner. Marcus will look for the big pay day the day after you draft him, so drafting him in the first round seems to be a smart option because at least you have him under contract for 4 years plus a potential 5th if he is the next GREAT cover corner. That being said, Marcus will always be a me player first until he matures and gains respect for his coaches and teammates. Nothing wrong with that I just think you need to know what youre getting, going into selecting him. I think overall Marcus will have an excellent career and I would have no problems selecting him for my team in the first round.

Drew Boylhart