Mario Edwards   DE   Florida St


Mario has the size and solid athletic talent to be a solid 4-3 defensive end on the strong side. He does a good job against the run using his long arms to keep blockers off him to make tackles. Marioís combine numbers suggest that he should have a good burst off the line to get into the backfield and make plays or at least be a disruptive force. He has played a lot of snaps for a big program in a top conference which means that with his size, strength and speed, he should get selected. All Mario has to do is take advantage of being selected and work hard and he could become a solid player at the next level.

Mario really doesnít show very much more than what Iíve noted above on the film I have of him. He doesnít come off the ball at all and dances with his opponent more than he makes plays. He doesnít seem to have any pass rush moves and stands up out of his stance at the snap, not changing the line of scrimmage to his advantage at all. He is slow to shed blocks and make tackles and doesnít show the change of direction skills or burst to rush the passer. However, he HAS played a lot of repetitions which suggests to me that he is doing the job the coaches ask of him.

Maybe Mario is one of those hide and seek players I have talked about in other profiles. Maybe he is doing exactly what he is told to do which is stand up at the line of scrimmage and look like youíre about to make a play, but donít make one (smh). Thatís what I see on film and the most confusing issue is that in spite of the fact that Mario plays like that, he starts and plays every snap. My conclusion is that I must be missing something, Iím just not sure what. I thought maybe we would see something in his combine numbers that might contradict his play on the field, but Iím sorry to say I donít. His numbers match his play on the field -- pedestrian at best. I would let someone else select Mario and wait for his first contract to be over because he needs a lot of work to become a player in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart